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The world of hair coloring has continued to transform and grow in popularity throughout the years, but what’s interesting is, the invention of hair dye was a total accident. The first synthesized hair dye was actually created in 1863, where an English chemist accidentally created the product in an attempt to find a cure for malaria. Today, hair coloring services have greatly expanded from a simple all-over color—and you’ll find many options for hair color in New York City, right at your fingertips, on Booksy. With Booksy, you can locate hair salons nearby, search for the top reviewed businesses, check pricing, and book an appointment, all in one place. Download the Booksy mobile app today from your iOS or Android app store. What is a hair color treatment and how does it work? A hair color treatment is the practice of changing the color of your hair for cosmetic reasons. There are many reasons why someone may want to color their hair but typically, it’s most often done to change appearance, cover gray hair, or even to restore the natural hair color. Likewise, there are many different techniques for coloring hair, each with a different result. Browse through below to learn about some of the most common hair coloring treatments and their effects. ALL-OVER HAIR COLOR Also commonly referred to as “single-process hair color”, all-over hair color is a simple, one-step coloring process. This coloring method uses one shade of hair dye, which is applied across the entirety of the hair, left to set, then rinsed out. All-over color is best for those who want to achieve a uniform color throughout their tresses. HIGHLIGHTS Highlights are an excellent method if you’re looking for something that’s a step up from all-over color and will add more dimension to your hair. Highlighting the hair requires separating the hair into smaller sections or strips and applying a lighter shade onto the sectioned-off pieces. In contrast, lowlights give a similar effect, except using darker tones rather than lighter ones. OMBRE Ombre is a hair coloring method that is designed to seamlessly blend two hair colors together. The word “ombre” actually means “shade” or “shadow”—and for the right reasons. The effects result in a hair color that is darker at the roots and becomes lighter as it reaches the tips of the hair, giving it a shadow-like effect. BALAYAGE For a subtle and sun-kissed look, many people choose to go for a balayage treatment. Balayage is often compared to highlights, but the effects and process are quite different. Balayage is applied away from the roots, gradually lightening toward the ends, much like ombre. However, the results are more subtle and natural-looking, as balayage is hand-painted onto the hair.  How do I choose the best hair color treatment in New York City?  With the enormous amount of salons that offer hair color treatments in New York City, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with choosing the best one. But Booksy can help you when it comes to making a great choice! What you’ll want to do first is Launch the Booksy mobile application and locate the search bar at the top of the page. Once you’ve found it, fill out your information into the search fields and you can begin browsing hair salons in your area. Our tip is to always read through listing reviews to help you make the best choice for yourself—but if you still need a little assistance, our “Sort by” feature will be helpful in instantly revealing the top hair color services. Hair color near me Locate the nearest hair salon that offers hair color in New York City with our user-friendly platform. If you’ve already opened the Booksy app, just head over to the search bar and fill out the fields, making sure you’ve set your current location to New York City. If you’ve done so, you’ll see an array of local listings that you’ll be able to book from. To further specify your search results, you can always click on the “Filters and Localization” tool to narrow down listings by specific area or zip code. Otherwise, you can also use the “Map View” button to give you a glimpse of your options on a map. Articles Hair colors for spring How to make your hair color last longer The history of hair color Box Dye Gone Wrong? Color Correction Treatment to the Rescue