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Silk press in New York City

If you’ve ever dreamt of having silky, smooth tresses but haven’t taken the plunge due to fear of ruining your hair forever—you can officially stop dreaming now and book an appointment for a silk press treatment, which will have your hair lustrous and shiny, without the use of chemical relaxers. But to rock a silk press, you’ll first need to find that perfect salon to provide you with the service. That’s where we come in—Booksy will help you in all aspects of the appointment booking process, making it easier than ever before to schedule bookings to your top health, beauty, and wellness services. Ready to get started and locate a salon to book a silk press in New York City? Download the Booksy mobile app to your iOS or Android smartphone, or simply access Booksy online via your preferred web browser. What is a silk press and how does it work? First things first, let’s get to the basics of what exactly a silk press is. Though the name sounds a bit enigmatic, it actually makes a good descriptor of the treatment. A silk press is a hairstyling method that utilizes a blow dryer and a flat iron to straighten your hair. Unlike many other hair straightening techniques, the silk press doesn’t use any chemicals and also uses less heat—resulting in silkier and bouncier strands. How exactly does it work? A silk press will start off looking much like most other hair treatments at the salon, with a thorough wash. Once your hair has been washed and conditioned, your stylist will apply a heat protectant throughout your locks to help protect them. Then, using a comb or brush, your hair will be blown out as straight as it can possibly get—this is important as it’ll eliminate the need to use the flat iron more, preventing heat damage. When your hair is entirely dry, it’s time for the press part. By using a flat iron, your hair specialist will straighten your locks, working in small sections. That’s it! As a final step, your hairstylist may add some high-shine serum or hair spray to seal it all in. With the proper care, a silk press can last for even up to two to three weeks—however, you’ll want to avoid water and heat, and also protect your hair at night with a satin scarf to make the results last as long as possible.  How do I choose the best silk press treatment in New York City?  “Best” is entirely subjective, however, our app can help you find the top choices through trustworthy customer reviews. On Booksy, only factual reviews submitted by real clients are entered into our system, so you’ll be able to browse credible opinions to help you locate the best silk press treatment in New York City. Here’s how—when you launch the Booksy application, first locate our search engine bar. You’ll find it at the top of the page, where you’ll be able to begin filling in the search fields with your personal information. Once you’ve done that, your search results will appear below, where you’ll be able to browse through the available listings. From there, just click the “Sort by” button to immediately arrange your results by one of two options: “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. How much does a silk press treatment cost? The price of a silk press treatment can differ depending on a few different aspects. But primarily, the cost will depend on what salon you choose to visit, where you are located, and how experienced your stylist is. Though prices can fluctuate, you’ll typically find that silk presses are priced within the $55 to $95 range. Silk press near me A simple way to discover salons that offer silk press in New York City is by using Booksy. On our app, you’ll be able to find hair salons in your city that provide this service and even narrow down your results by using helpful filters. The first thing you’ll need to do is start a search using our search engine bar. Complete the fields with the necessary information, and if you’ve done so correctly, you’ll be able to see listings from across NYC—but you can select the “Filters and localization” button to specialize your listings by zip code or specific area.