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Is an important event coming up and you still haven’t booked an appointment to get your hair done? Or maybe you want to look that extra amazing for your birthday party? With celebrities such as Dua Lipa or Bella Hadid sporting awesome, trendy updos, no wonder you would want one to. So head to Booksy and book an appointment for getting an updo in New York City! Booking an appointment online for updos in New York City Booking an appointment for a beauty service the regular way, that is by calling, texting, or visiting the salon, can be messy and take a long time. Fortunately, with Booksy, the process has become fast and easy. At your fingertips you have access to thousands of service providers worldwide and various beauty services. So let’s get started! To begin using Booksy you’ll of course need to go to the Booksy website or open the Booksy app. The Booksy app can be downloaded entirely free of charge, both on iOS and Android operated smartphones. Ok, let’s say you’ve got Booksy on the screen in front of you. What you’ll want to do now is locate the search bar at the top of it. There you’ll see two fields you’ll need to fill out. In the first one you’ll need to type in the service you’re interested in and in the second one, your location. In this case it should go like this–”updos” in “New York City.”  What will happen now is our search engine will work its magic and compile a list of salons in your area that offer the service you’re looking for. Now what’s left to do is choosing the hair salon you like most. Once you’ve done this, locate “Updo” on the salon’s service list. Click on, or tap of course, the “Book” button next to it. This will make the salon’s schedule appear. Now you can choose what date and time are best for you. Hit the most convenient time slot, confirm, and there you go! You’ve just booked your appointment for getting an updo! How can I choose the best hair salon offering updos in New York City?  When getting your hair done by a professional, you obviously want it to be perfect. That’s why going to the best hair stylist out there is so important. But how can you find that hair wizard? Well, Booksy can also help you with this one. What we need to do now is give a huge shout out to our amazing Booksy users! It’s thanks to them, you can take advantage of this next feature. See, after a finished appointment, each Booksy user has the opportunity to leave the salon a rating and write a review of their experience. This feedback is later available to other potential customers. They can read through the comments and decide if that one specific salon seems a right fit for them.  Another way Booksy helps you choose the best place to get an updo in New York City is the “Sort by” feature. You can use this feature on the results page. What you can do is you can sort those listed salons in one of two ways–by “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed.” This method will surely speed up the choosing process! How much does an updo cost? The final price of every hair styling can vary not only depending on the experience of the hair stylist, but also on the length and texture of the client's hair. The cost can also go up based on the salon’s location and the products used. However, the typical cost of updos in New York City ranges between $70 and $75. The price in case of a bridal updo will be higher, commonly beginning at $100. How can I find a place that does updos near me? This is one last feature that we have to tell you about! Namely, the “Map View” feature. Although the name isn’t very mysterious, it’s a great option! And let’s be honest, in a huge city like New York, distance does matter. So how does this feature work? To access the “Map View” you’re going to need to go to the results page. Once you click on the “Map View” button, the map of New York City will pop up. On that map you’ll see where exactly lies each listed hair salon. Now you can easily choose the salon closest to your home or to the event you’re going to attend. Whatever is most convenient for you!