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Though summertime is favorable for a number of reasons, we can’t deny the benefit of getting natural highlights by sitting out in the sun. But thankfully, achieving this sort of sun-kissed glow on your tresses is something you can do all year round—and all it takes is a trip to the hair salon! Balayage can help you get the look of subtle highlights that look naturally beautiful. The best part is, you can book this highlighting technique right from the palm of your hand, with Booksy! Check out our user-oriented mobile application, where you can locate salons in your area and book a balayage treatment in New York City quickly and efficiently. What is balayage and how does it work? If you’ve ever been interested in the realm of hair, you’ve surely heard of highlights. But what about balayage? Balayage is a highlighting method that uses a special technique to achieve the effects of sun-kissed locks. The word “balayage” actually comes from the French word “balayer”, which translates to “to sweep”—accurately depicting the way the color is swept through the hair. What sets balayage apart from traditional highlights, is that balayage is done free-hand and most often, without the use of foils. Overall, it results in a softer look than standard highlights, which can appear chunkier. With balayage, the highlights start away from the roots of the hair and gradually become lighter toward the tips, which also means less maintenance over time! Balayage is not only trendy because of its results, but also for its ability to be customized. The placement, color, and gradient of your balayage are all elements that can be fully personalized and tailored to the look you want.  How do I choose the best balayage treatment in New York City?  In New York City, you’ll find a seemingly endless amount of hair salons scattered throughout the city—so where to start looking for the best balayage? That’s simple! You can easily locate some of the best salons and hair professionals that offer balayage in New York City by using Booksy. What you’ll want to do first, is perform a search using Booksy’s search engine bar. There, fill your information into the required fields and once you’ve done so, you can begin browsing through local listings. On each listing, you can read reviews left by other clients to help you make the best choice for balayage! But if you want to simplify the entire process, just click the “Sort by” button and choose one of the available options to see the top listings. How much does a balayage treatment cost? Because balayage is hand-painted and requires much more precision than traditional highlights, it often comes with a higher price point. The cost of balayage will depend on where you live and what salon you visit, however you can expect the price of a balayage treatment in New York City to run around $200 to $400. To determine more specific pricing, look through your options of salons and specialists on Booksy, where you’ll find exact prices reflected next to each service. How do I find salons that offer balayage open now? In The City That Never Sleeps, there’s bound to be options for nearly every hour of the day—and by using Booksy, you can always see what’s in store around the clock. To find open salons that offer balayage in New York City, head over to our app and input your criteria into the search bar. Be sure to include the service you want to book (balayage), where you are located (NYC), and the preferred time and date of your appointment. The appointment time you choose is entirely up to your preferences, but in order to view salons that are currently open, we recommend choosing a time and date that is closest to the current one. Balayage near me Your nearest salon that offers balayage in New York City could be right next door! If you’ve already started a search on Booksy, great! If not, you’ll just need to complete the fields in the search bar to get started. Once you’ve done that and your results have been generated below, browse through your local options for balayage. You can also click the “Filters and Localization” button, which will help you further narrow down your results if you want to search by zip code or specific area of NYC.