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Have you ever spent a large chunk of time doing your hair? Blow drying, straightening, curling, or styling it to perfection only for it to frizz back up in a fraction of the time you spent doing your morning hair routine? You’re not alone, and there’s actually a way to eliminate this problem—meet the Brazilian blowout. If you’re ready for a sleek and frizz-free mane, head over to your iOS or Android app store and download the Booksy mobile application. On our platform, you’ll find hundreds of local health, beauty, and wellness services that you can book in a matter of seconds. Switch over to an easier and more efficient appointment booking process and begin your journey of booking a Brazilian blowout in New York City. What is a Brazilian blowout and how does it work? The ultimate semi-permanent hair smoothing treatment on the current beauty market is the Brazilian blowout, which is designed to eliminate frizz and add shine. The main course of treatment includes applying a liquid keratin-based solution to the hair and sealing it with heat from a flat iron. Not only is it loved for its frizz-busting effects, but also for how long it lasts. You can expect your Brazilian blowout to last for around ten to twelve weeks. A Brazilian blowout is a perfect option for many different textures and types of hair when it comes to wanting to eliminate frizz—including people with frizzy, fine, coarse, curly, processed, or damaged hair. And if you love your curls or waves, you don’t have to lose them. The Brazilian blowout gives your stylist the freedom to control the level of straightness you can achieve. So no matter if you want to keep the texture of your hair or straighten it out, it’s just a matter of speaking with your stylist. But how exactly is a Brazilian blowout done? Let’s get into the details. Coming in for your Brazilian blowout treatment, your stylist will first shampoo your hair to prepare the hair for treatment and get rid of any scalp buildup and oils. Next, your hair will be towel-dried, and once it's damp, but not soaking, your stylist will begin to divide the hair into even sections. Using the Brazilian blowout keratin hair formula, they will apply the solution to each section of the hair. After that, the hair is blow-dried as smooth as possible, ensuring that it is 100% dry and ready for flat ironing which is next. Once all the hair has been flat ironed, it’s time to head back to the sink and rinse the hair and apply a hair masque. For the final step, the hair is blow-dried and styled as desired.  How do I choose the best Brazilian blowout treatment in New York City?  New York City is now at your fingertips with the Booksy app, where you can use our search engine bar to locate the best Brazilian blowout treatment in New York City. Want to learn how to do it? Launch the Booksy app (or head over to on your preferred web browser) and find the search bar on the homepage. When you’ve found it, simply input your criteria into the available search fields and begin browsing through the listings that appear. By clicking any listing of your choice, you’ll be able to read customer reviews, which will help you in choosing the best Brazilian blowout in NYC. There’s also a helpful shortcut to use when searching for the best businesses—click the “Sort by” button. This will give you sorting options that will instantly arrange your listings by the top selections. Brazilian blowout near me But where can I find a salon that offers Brazilian blowouts near me? We’re glad you asked. You can just use the Booksy search engine bar to search for and find nearby businesses. Add your personal information into the search fields—all you’ll need to include is the service you’d like to set up an appointment for (Brazilian blowout), your current location (New York City), and a time and date that works best for you in terms of appointments. If you’ve done so, you’ll see listings from around The Big Apple. What else is helpful in finding nearby salons? Using the “Filters and Localization” tool will let you specify your search based on neighborhoods or zip codes.