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Beautiful hair doesn't just happen, it requires a well-trained hairdresser to help achieve that glowing luminous look. Taking care of yourself and your hair is important to the forward-thinking health minded person and that is where Booksy comes into the picture. On the Booksy website or app, you can find many great Hair salons in San Jose that can provide haircuts and treatments, color, extensions, and hair texture services, to keep your hair healthy, bouncy, and fresh. Color treatments and fashionable cuts are also available at a hair salon near you in San Jose CA. San Jose is a large metro with a great many hairdressers available. Because of the number of hairdressers in San Jose, you can find the best hairdresser in San Jose without making the trip and visiting hair salons nearby. Book hair salon appointment online in San Jose Booking an appointment for a hair salon near you in San Jose CA is now done simply by using Booksy. Booksy offers hair salons nearby and you can book your appointment on their website or app. Not sure what does a hairdresser does? Hairdressers offer a wide variety of styled cuts and hair treatments. Most salons offer well-known women's cuts such as; pixie cut, bob, lob, bangs, shag, and blunt haircut. Salons will also offer a number of basic treatments including; keratin smoothing, scalp, hot oil, moisture, detox, relaxer, toning, and hair gloss. With all these services, there is one other thing a good hairdresser can do, and that is communicated clearly and effectively. In some cases, you may find your hairdresser feels like a best friend. How to choose the best hairdresser in San Jose? Gone are the days of calling into a salon, booking an appointment, getting your cut or treatment, and being disappointed with the results. Booksy has made finding the hairdresser of your dreams and booking that hairdresser a much simpler process. Booksy makes it easy to search their database to find the perfect hairdresser who holds all the qualifications you desire. With Booksy integrating with Instagram, you can now seamlessly view the looks hairdressers in San Jose have to offer. Look for the best hair salon in San Jose by searching through stylist reviews, until you find the perfect match. You can create a list of your favorite stylists in San Jose for later reference as well. How much does a visit to the hairdresser cost? Costs may vary for different treatments and style cuts across the city of San Jose. A Keratin treatment used to fight frizziness can cost around $250-$500. A scalp treatment also referred to as a scalp facial, will start at $500 and up. A relaxed hair treatment, used to relax curls, will cost $150 to $600 and up. There are many treatments and prices do vary, however, you can view many of these prices at Booksy for a hair salon near you in San Jose CA. How to find a hair salon open now? All hairdressers in San Jose, listed on Booksy, provide working hours and contact information to make it easy for you to set an appointment at a convenient time. Cheap hair salon in San Jose With prices being readily available on Booksy, you will have no issue finding the perfect price range for the treatment or style you are looking for. You can even find the best hairdresser in San Jose at the price point you need and book immediately. Hair salons near you in San Jose Booksy makes finding hair salons nearby a simple task. You can search on the website or the app by zip codes or even look at the map view to find a desirable location to book an appointment with. To make things even smoother, Booksy offers a filter for the type of treatment you are looking for. This helps to narrow the search down to exactly the type of treatment you are looking for. Articles Check Your Face Shape Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy How To Style Curly Hair The Best Hairstyles For Graduation Haircuts For a Receding Hairline Most Popular Mens Haircuts