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They say home is where the heart is—and because our homes are essentially extensions of who we are, we’ll likely care for them in similar ways that we do for our bodies. However, between our busy day-to-day schedules and the general ups and downs of life, it’s often easy to put deep cleaning and other home improvement projects on the backburner. With Booksy, you no longer have to choose between the necessary, time-sensitive errands and tidying up the house—because why choose one when both can be accomplished! The ultimate health, beauty, and wellness booking application is at your service when it comes to home improvement solutions. Head over to the app store to download the latest version of Booksy or visit us online at Booksy.com to begin your search for home improvement services in Chicago! What are home improvement services? Home improvement is a general term that entails the improvement, modernization, or alteration to one’s home in some form. Because home improvement is a broad concept, it can include ventures such as painting, construction, pest control, landscaping, remodeling, and installation, to name just a few. If you’re interested in booking a home improvement service but aren’t sure where to start, check out our highlights of some of the most popular home improvement services that our clients book. DEEP CLEANING A step up from a standard cleaning service, deep cleaning guarantees a little extra TLC when it comes to tidying up your home. This type of service includes cleaning surfaces and areas which usually aren’t a part of your daily or even weekly cleaning routine, for example window washing and cleaning behind kitchen appliances. PAINTING Sometimes the best way to spruce up the home is with a fresh coat of paint—and whether you’re considering painting the inside or the outside of your house, hiring a professional painting service can save you time and also assure a job well done. MAINTANENCE & REPAIRS A maintenance and repairs service can encompass a wide variety of different projects both big and small, that result in a restored state of appliances or other home components. Maintenance and repairs can be as simple as fixing a faulty electrical outlet or as complex as replacing the windows in your home. ORGANIZATION To really get your home spick and span, an organization service will help you declutter and create a more orderly space. Professional organizers are able to help with sorting out any unnecessary items taking up space and arranging the rest of your belongings in a neat, unobtrusive way. MOVING HELP Packing and unpacking during a move can be both a hassle and a hard task to do alone, which is why many home improvement businesses include moving assistance as a part of their service menu. This convenient service type provides you with a few extra hands to get the job done faster and with more efficiency. How do I choose the best home improvement service in Chicago? Choosing the best home improvement service can seem like a task within itself—but thankfully, if you’re using Booksy, you won’t have to look too far to find the best service in Chicago. On our user-friendly app, you can see what others are saying by checking the many credible reviews available left by other Booksy clients. There’s also the option to sort your search results by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”, so that you can view the leading picks for home improvement services nearby. How much does a home improvement service cost? A home improvement service can range in pricing depending on the specific type of home improvement project you’re looking to complete. Some more minor projects like a deep clean of the home or a packing and unpacking service will cost significantly less than larger, more time-consuming enterprises such as remodeling a room or drywall installation. Booksy’s merchants are all able to set their own prices for their services, which you can easily find listed next to the respective service on our app or website.