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Maybe you have a fun event coming up, or maybe you just like to get your makeup done by a professional. Whatever the case, this means you’re in need of a makeup artist. You would think that choosing the best makeup artist in San Francisco is a challenge. Fortunately, now with Booksy, your life just got a little bit easier. Read on to learn more about booking an appointment with a makeup artist in San Francisco. How can I book an appointment online with a makeup artist in San Francisco? Previously you would have to send text messages or call a beauty salon to book an appointment. Today, with Booksy, everything has changed. At your fingertips you have access to thousands of service providers. You’re just a few clicks away from booking an appointment for various beauty services, including those with makeup artists. But how does this all work? To start your adventure with Booksy, you’re going to need to go to the Booksy website or open the Booksy app on your smartphone. Fear not, the Booksy app is available entirely for free, both for iOS and Android operated devices. Once you’ve got Booksy in front of your eyes, you’re going to want to locate the search bar at the top of your screen. There you’ll see two fields you’ll need to fill out. In the first one, type in the service you’re interested in and in the second one, your location. So type in “makeup artist” in “San Francisco.” After you’ve filled out the search bar, Booksy will work its magic. Our search engine will compile, and show you of course, a list of makeup artists in your area. And now onto the hard part–choose the one you like most! But let’s say that went quickly and you’re ready to book. Go to the makeup artists service list and pick the one you’re interested in. Click on the “Book” button next to it. The makeup artists schedule will pop up allowing you to opt for a date and time. Once you’ve got your time slot, hit confirm and you’re good to go! You’ve just booked  an appointment with a makeup artist in San Francisco! What services can you get from a makeup artist? A makeup artist, as the name suggests, does a client’s makeup. There are different types of makeup, like a softer version, or those more suitable for an evening event. All you need to do is explain what you want, you can also show pictures.  Additionally, more experienced makeup artists sometimes offer makeup lessons. So whether you’re looking to become a makeup artist yourself, or if you just want to learn how to do your own makeup, you’ll have this option as well.  How can I find the best makeup artist in San Francisco? As with most beauty services, when choosing a makeup artist you want the very best one. A makeup artist can bring out your best features and make you look truly Instagram worthy, or leave you staring into the mirror thinking “Wow, I could have done this better myself.” That’s why recommended makeup artists are the safest way to go. With Booksy, the word “recommended” is key. See, after a finished appointment, each Booksy user can leave a rating and write a review of their experience. Sometimes clients even leave pictures. This entire feedback is then visible to other potential customers. So when you browse through makeup artists in your area, you can read comments and decide if that specific one is the best for you.  How can I find a makeup artist near me? Let’s be honest, if you have an important event, you will not want to drive back and forth through the entire city to get your makeup done. Time is money and we at Booksy understand that. That’s why we came up with this next feature. To make your life even easier! The feature we’re talking about is the so-called “Map View.” You can access it through the results page, you’ll see a button labeled “Map View.” Once you click on it, the map of San Francisco will appear in front of you. On that map you’ll see pinpointed directly where all the makeup artists are located. This way you can choose the one that has the most convenient location for you. See how easy!