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Neck Lift in Kissimmee

Do you ever wish you could fight the effects of gravity and time on your body? If extra skin or pockets of fatty tissue on your neck add unnecessary years to your look, a neck lift can help restore youthful grace to your appearance.

Cosmetic surgeons in Kissimmee have years of experience in surgically contouring the body and erasing the effects of aging. They also offer non-surgical options that can help you feel like your best self again.

Book your appointment for a neck lift consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon in Kissimmee Fl. today! It’s the first step toward feeling better about your body.

What are the Different Neck Lift Techniques Used?

Neck lifts target the sagging folds of skin and loss of tissue in the neck area. Depending on the extent of surgery performed, liposuction may be used to remove pockets of excess fat. However, if the neck area contains loose skin, a surgeon may suggest a cervicoplasty to cut away the excess and pull the skin taut. A third surgical option, platysmaplasty, involves the removal of neck muscle to create a smooth neckline. These surgery techniques are often applied together for a dramatic result.

Regardless of technique, Kissimmee cosmetic surgeons perform this skin tightening procedure in a one-session surgery after a consultation appointment.

Laser treatments are available for clients who would prefer to explore non-surgical options. Keep in mind that these procedures require multiple appointments, but little recovery time compared to surgical options.

How Many Appointments Does a Neck Lift Take?

Booking a neck lift begins with a scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to outline your goals for the operation. The surgeon will also note patient-specific health risks associated with surgery. Neck lifts are typically performed in one surgical session. Clients considering non-surgical laser treatment to address neck concerns should expect multiple appointments.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost in Kissimmee?

A neck lift in Kissimmee, Fl. costs clients on average $7,000. This depends on the surgical techniques used. However, most cosmetic surgery centers offer financing. Non-surgical laser treatments can cost around $3,000.

How Can I Book an Appointment for a Neck Lift in Kissimmee?

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