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We’re always searching for more ways to look younger, more vibrant, more alive. When considering getting work done, one may typically think of face lifts or botox injections. But eye lifts are a great way to bring a whole new feel to the face, reducing bagginess and revitalizing the eyes for an overall healthy and energetic look.

What is an Eye Lift?

The official name of this kind of eyelid surgery is called a blepharoplasty and is typically done as an outpatient surgery. The surgeon removes excess fat from the upper lid and then rejoins the skin together with dissolving stitches. The whole procedure is fairly simple and will leave you looking fresher and younger after about a week of recovery and healing.

How Long Does an Eye Lift Take?

The whole process will most likely take a few hours, as it’s a surgery, so you will have a before time to prepare, the surgery itself, and a recovery period after taken off anesthesia.

How Long Does an Eye Lift Last?

If the surgery is done correctly, you will see the effects in place the week after swelling goes down and -- depending on age and pre-existing genetic -- results should last 10-15 years. It’s also possible you wouldn’t need to receive any more treatments.

How Much Does an Eye Lift Cost?

Eyelid surgeries typically cost around $2,000 and possibly up to $5,000 should you be doing a more complex surgery on all four eyelids.

Where to Get an Eye Lift in Kissimmee

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