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Chicago has a rich history of producing some amazing sports teams, making it a great place for any fan. Simply put, being a sports fan is a better experience without the cliche fan body. But after making the choice between the Cubs or the White Sox, it’s just as important to choose a personal trainer. Luckily, there’s a host of trainers that can help any Chicagoan get lean and mean, gain some muscle, or burn body fat. What to Expect in Personal Training A personal trainer is like a paid-by-the-hour workout buddy with the professional training and experience to ensure you get the physical gains you want without any unnecessary pain along the way. Depending on the type of personal training package you purchase, you can expect your trainer to stand alongside you as you work out, so they can spot check you and advise you on your form, while tracking your progress. If you work out with your trainer regularly, they can switch up your routine on the fly as needed or adjust to your body needs in the moment, if something is still too sore for you to properly exercise that muscle group again. If you do only a few personal trainer sessions, this allows you to learn the routine and then perform it on your own, once you run out of guided sessions. Benefits of Getting a Personal Trainer It only takes a few steps to start getting into shape. Working with a personal trainer in Chicago involves regularly meetings with an expert who knows how to set and reach attainable physical fitness goals while avoiding injury. But trainers also offer: Unique knowledge of the human body Personally customized advice tailored to each client’s individual needs Exercise plans that help you hit your targeted areas Tools for perfecting each position’s form Advanced nutritional tips and meal plans Help with providing an extra push Added accountability What to Look for in a Personal Trainer At first, it may seem hard to find the right personal trainer near you in Chicago. But with the right checklist, you can find someone who works for you and your workout goals and health needs. Consider the following tips when picking a professional personal trainer: Look for someone who is patient Find a trainer that communicates well Ask for certifications, licensure, and areas of expertise Try to look for someone who matches your personality Average Prices for a Personal Trainer in Chicago An average workout session will last about an hour, with 50 minutes of working out and 10 minutes for stretching and cooling down. Trainers usually cost anywhere from $50 to $150 an hour, depending on their level of expertise and amount of experience. Naturally, that rate will vary, based on the experience the trainer possesses and whether or not that person is in high demand. Because trainers can create their own unique results-driven routines, you can find a pretty large window of potential rates, but remember, it’s very important to shop around before committing to one choice or another! How to Find the Best Personal Trainer After you feel comfortable making a decision on the personal trainer in Chicago you want to book with, scheduling your first appointment just takes a minute or two, by browsing the listings above or using the free Booksy mobile app.