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Pet Boarding in Orlando

In the beautiful style capital of Orlando, Florida, where you seem to have everything you need already, it’s easy to forget that you should take some time to explore the world too. Vacations offer opportunities to refresh yourself spiritually, to learn something new from a new cultural destination. But that’s only if you’re able to leave your life and your furry best friend in caring hands while you’re away. Thankfully, with the many trusting, expertly trained doggie daycares and pet boarding options in Orlando, you can take some time for yourself while providing a pampering experience for the dog, cat, or other domesticated critter in your life as well. What Is Pet Boarding vs. Doggy Daycares? While some doggy daycares provide overnight coverage, daycares in general are like pet sitters for the daytime, like if you want someone to take care of your furry friend while you’re at work during business hours. Formerly referred to as kennels, pet boarding, however, typically refers to a trip of a day or more, requiring constant care as well as regular feeding, like a temporary home for your canine or feline loved ones. How Much Does Pet Boarding in Orlando Cost? Depending on the size of the room you rent for your furry best friend, an average night's stay for your pet in Orlando, Fl. might cost between $35 and $60 per night. How to Find Trustworthy Pet Boarding in Orlando Fortunately, finding a trustworthy doggy daycare or pet boarding service in Orlando, Florida is the easy part. With Booksy, you have options right at your fingertips. Simply return to the listings above to start reviewing the available options in your area or download the Booksy app to check them out on your mobile phone!