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Remember when you got your first tattoo, and you were so nervous for the ‘pain’ that everyone said you wouldn’t feel? Now you’re going on what seems like your hundredth tattoo, because well… that adrenaline bug keeps biting! But finding a tattoo artist is not always easy, especially one that specialises in certain artwork. And let’s be honest, making a permanent commitment like getting a tattoo, you’d obviously want to put some thought into who gets that honour, right?  Or, what if you’re out in the streets and just get a burst of spontaneity and urge to get a tattoo but you have no idea where or how to even find the nearest and most affordable tattoo artist in Johannesburg. That’s why Booksy is here of course. We’ll help you find the best deals in Johannesburg quick and easy! Can I book my tattoo artist appointment online in Johannesburg? Making an appointment online for a tattoo artist in Johannesburg is super quick and easy. On the Booksy platform we had a wide range of professional and affordable tattoo artists in your area. With Booksy, you can view their rates and availability, and even share your experience by leaving a review after your treatment. If you have a device with access to the internet, you can book your appointment through the Booksy web page, or downloading our free mobile app. How can I find the best tattoo artist near me? Whether you’re the spontaneous type or the type that needs to plan what your next piece is going to be, finding the best tattoo artist is crucial. Booksy will help you with that! On our platform, your search is tailored based on your preferred price range and location. You can also use the map view on Booksy to search for the best tattoo artists in Johannesburg and compare their rates and review.  How can I find the best affordable tattoo artist in Johannesburg? With Booksy you will be able to sift through the best and most trustworthy tattoo artists in Johannesburg. Your search is tailored to your specific preferences. On the Booksy platform, you can compare prices between tattoo artists before even clicking on their profile because this is the first piece of information you see after your search has been filtered.  filtering your search. Once you’ve clicked on the tattoo artist’s profile, you’ll be able to see an in-depth breakdown of their treatment costs and monthly specials as well as their portfolio of previous work done. And while you’re at it, you can also save their profile so you can come back to it when you need it again! So, you’re not forced to choose the first one you see. How can I find the best tattoo artist in Johannesburg that is open right now? All tattoo artists will have their working hours up on their profile and easily visible once you click on their profile. You can choose your preferred date and time based on their availability as listed on the Booksy platform. On their profile, you will also get an overview of how long a tattoo session could generally take, depending on how much detail is needed on the piece. You can also see their weekly or monthly calendar on their profile to see where you can slot yourself in.  How can I find the best tattoo artist that are open near me? With the Booksy mobile app or web page, you will find the best and most affordable tattoo artists in Johannesburg that are currently open. Here at Booksy, we’ve screened all local health and beauty specialists before adding them to our database. You will need to activate the location service on your device. This is so that Booksy can access your current location and filter your search according to that. You can also use browse through the map view and search according to suburbs or zip codes around your current location. Another quick and easy way to filter your search is to use your preferred appointment date. Booksy will then filter your search according to the best tattoo artists in your area available that suit your specific day and time slots.