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A fresh nail set really is the girl she thinks she is! Aint nobody tryna walk around with chipped gel nail colour or a missing acrylic nail! But sometimes these luxuries seem out of reach for many reasons. Like, finances (let’s be honest, a new set doesn’t always come cheap) or maybe your regular nail technician is fully booked and you’re in desperate need of a touch up.  Well, if you’ve landed here, you’re definitely in the right place! Nail salons are versatile in the services they provide and are specifically tailored to you. Nail salons offer different types of manicures and pedicures. Manicure treatments can range from basic nail polish to acrylic sets and different types of gel manicure treatments. Nail salons also offer hand and feet spa massages services, either as complimentary treatments, or included in their pamper treatment.  So, if you need to urgently find a nail salon in Johannesburg, keeps scrolling. Booksy is here to save the day! Can I book my nail salon appointment online in Johannesburg? Yes, you can. Making an online appointment for a nail salon in Johannesburg never been easier. With Booksy, you will find a wide range of top-class nail salons in the area. You can view their rates and availability and share your experience by leaving a review after your treatment. If you have a device that can access the internet, you’re sorted. You can secure your appointment through the Booksy web page, or by downloading our free mobile app. You will also get push notifications and reminders of your upcoming treatments. How can I find the best nail salon near me? Firstly, you need to know which type of treatment you want to get and the difference between all of them. Knowing the general pros and cons of each and how long they typically last is also helpful. So, once you’re done with figuring that out, come back to Booksy so we can help you find the best nail salon in your area. Booksy will tailor your search based on your preferred price range, location, and even specific therapist. On the Booksy platform, you can also use the map view to search for the best nail salons in Johannesburg. We all let you compare their rates and reviews.  How can I find affordable nail salon in Johannesburg? There are so many nail salons in Johannesburg, so we understand that it can be somewhat overwhelming to know which one is the best fit for you. That’s why Booksy has made it really quick and easy to find a reasonably priced nail salon that will also ticks off all your other preferences. On Booksy, we give you the average price range of the nail salon before you even click on their profile.  You can also check out their other treatments and monthly specials on their profile. If you like what you see, go ahead and favourite their profile so you can use it to compare it with other nail salons in the area before you make your final decision. How can I find a nail salon in Johannesburg that is open right now? Finding a nail salon in Johannesburg that is open right now is just one click away. All nail salons typically have their working hours on their profile. So, if you’re in a pickle and need to find an available slot in the next hour, or need to plan your week ahead, Booksy will help you find the quickest and most convenient appointment for you to the nearest hour. Every nail salon has their monthly schedule on their profile as well as a rough estimate of how long treatments could take.  How can I find a nail salon that is open near me? Use the Booksy mobile app or our web page to find the best and most affordable nail salons in Johannesburg that are currently open. You will need to do turn on the location settings on your device. If you’re not sure how, check the settings on your device to make sure the option is accessible. Booksy will track your location and filter your search to find the best nail salon. Alternatively, you can search for an available nail salon by choosing your preferred appointment date and let Booksy filter your search that way instead