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There’s just something about walking out of a hair salon with your hair blowing in the wind after a fresh cut and colour. Eyes are all on you and there’s an imaginary spotlight as you walk down that imaginary catwalk. And to make this scene even more sensational, the hair stylist that performed magic on your head is your new besties. YEP! You know what they say, first impressions last, and honey… they made such an impression you’ve already booked your next appointment!  But hold on… let’s just rewind a bit to the stress you had to endure to actually find this hair stylist! Was it worth it? Sure. Is there an easier way to do this? Uhhhh SURE! That’s where Booksy comes in.  We’ll help you find the best hair salons in Johannesburg that will not only suit your pockets and aesthetic needs, but also tick off all your convenience preferences too. Can I book my hair salon appointment online in Johannesburg? Listen, if there’s anything easier than placing your bum in that chair to get your hair did, it’s making an appointment online with Booksy. We’re all about efficiency and convenience. In fact, we’re even willing to go as far as saying it’s in our DNA! On the Booksy platform, you’ll find the best and most affordable hair salons in Johannesburg. You can view their rates and availability and share your experience by leaving a review after your treatment. You’ll need a device that can connect to internet so you can make that booking online either through the Booksy web page, or by downloading our mobile app and use it for free. How can I find the best hair salon near me? By now you should know that Booksy is like your portable best friend. We can help you find the bet hair salon in your area with just a few clicks! On the Booksy platform your search is tailored based on your preferred price range and location. You can also use the map view on our platform for a more refined search for the best hair salons in Johannesburg. Remember, compare their rates and reviews and save their profiles for future reference.  How can I find affordable hair salon in Johannesburg? With so many hair salons in Johannesburg, it’s almost impossible to choose which one to go to. Ans as vast as the pool is, it’s even harder to find a reasonably priced hair salon that also ticks off all your other preferences. On the Booksy platform, the first bit of information we provide is an average price range of the day spa, even before you open up their profile. You can click on their profile if you need a deeper breakdown of their prices, services and monthly specials. If the prices look good to you, there’s an option to favourite their profile and use it to compare it with other hair salons in the area before you make your final decision. How can I find hair salon in Johannesburg that is open right now? All hair salons will have their working hours on their profile. You can choose your preferred date and time based on the hair salon’s availability as listed on the Booksy platform. So, whether you’re in a hurry to find the next available slot in the next hour, or need to plan your week ahead, you can use the Booksy platform to schedule an appointment with just a few clicks. You can view the hair salon’s schedule on their profile, check their monthly calendar and even see roughly how long a treatment will take. How can I find a hair salon that is open near me? By using the Booksy mobile app or our web page, you can find the best hair salons in Johannesburg that are currently open. All you need to do is turn on the location settings on your device. . If you’re unsure of how to do this, check the settings on your device to make sure the option is accessible. Booksy can then track your location and filter your search to provide the best day spa options in your area. You can also search for an available hair salon by choosing your preferred appointment date and let Booksy filter your search that way instead