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Top Seven Ways to Enhance Your New Booksy Profile

Top Seven Ways to Enhance Your New Booksy Profile

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If you’re a business owner who’s using Booksy for the first time or you simply want to make sure you’re using all of the features we offer, then read closely. Learn a few tips to enhance your Booksy profile, so that it gets all the right kind of attention. 

Because whenever a professional activates Booksy, it means they’re taking advantage of an opportunity to grow their business. To date, more than 10 million customers across the globe use the Booksy app to schedule online appointments and that number is still growing.

Spend a few minutes reading this article, which describes resources that’ll keep your business organised. Better understand the tools that’ll take your work to the next level. And learn how to solve real world business problems, so you can become even more of a self-made success.

Perfecting Your New Booksy Profile

To make sure you’re reaping all the benefits of having a Booksy account, spend some time perfecting your profile. Once you’ve added the business name, address, hours, and services—double check that information. Look for punctuation errors and misspellings.

Then make sure your service list is completely up to date. Inaccurately priced services, for example, will always lead to a bad customer experience. So, make sure your price list is totally accurate. But also make sure your Booksy profile reflects any changes to services or packages.

This is also a good time to write a detailed paragraph about your shop. Showcase the vibe your space has to offer. Provide useful information about the steps you take to make sure each client has a unique experience. And elaborate on your specialties as much as possible. 

Your Booksy profile description is an opportunity to help spread the word about the skills and services that you’ve mastered. Definitely let people know if you’re the only professional in the neighborhood or surrounding area who offers a particular service or treatment. 

Invite Loyal Clients

Telling loyal, returning clients that you’ve started using Booksy or that you’re making the transition to only using Booksy is one of the best moves you can make. Consider sending them a Message Blast, which lets you invite hundreds of clients all at once.

Another way to enhance your Booksy profile and encourage clients to book with you through Booksy is to update your voicemail message. Create a courteous voicemail message letting clients know to schedule with you online. Redirecting clients to Booksy will help you save time and energy that can be reinvested back into your business. 

Calendar Management and Booking 

Mastering the scheduling and booking features are two important ways to enhance your Booksy profile and get the most out of the app. The next time you’re taking a vacation, remember to enter the time off in your calendar. This ensures that clients won’t make the mistake of scheduling an appointment with you during your vacation period.

If you haven’t already set up a Cancellation Policy, now’s the time to create one. Use the Mobile Payments feature to charge clients a percentage of a service, when they book an appointment. This will help eliminate cancellations and reduce no-shows to save your time and money.

Automatic Reminders is another scheduling tool that can help you better manage your business. Leverage these reminders, so that your regulars receive texts or emails before their upcoming appointment. These reminders can also help make sure that loyal clients remember to book regularly and are proven to reduce no-shows.

Add Workplace Photos 

There’s no doubt about it—a great looking profile gets noticed. High quality workplace photos that show-off your environment will help you attract customers. And that’s because people will want to know how your space looks, before they book an appointment to step inside. 

Remember that a great looking space will always make a client feel more comfortable. So, enhance your Booksy profile and show off your shop or salon. But avoid a few common pitfalls while taking the right steps.

Here’s a few tips to help you select the best workspace photos:

  • Use modern camera equipment or an up to date camera phone to ensure quality
  • Upload multiple pictures so people can familiarise themselves with your space
  • Use photos that accurately represent your business and your brand
  • Avoid using collages or animation, focus on simple, high quality images
  • Don’t rely on selfies, customers want the big picture

Upload Quality Portfolio Pictures

The same proven theory that applies to workplace photos also applies to portfolio pictures. Enhance your profile by choosing a number of high quality portfolio pictures. This will help people make the decision to book an appointment in your chair. 

Keep in mind that people respond to photos very quickly. So, it’s always important to make certain that every portfolio picture reflects your absolute best work to entice new customers to book an appointment right away.

Here’s a few things to remember when choosing the right portfolio pictures:

  • Never repeat the exact same image
  • Make sure you never crop out your work
  • Pasting text onto an image can take away from the picture
  • Keep the light behind or above you, instead of behind your client 


Share Your Booksy Link

Helping dedicated business owners like yourself attract more customers is part of our job. For each and everyone one of our professionals, we create a unique web link that can be edited. Get more attention online by sharing your Booksy link

By simply copying that link and pasting it onto your social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram, you can encourage more of your followers to schedule appointments. Over 500 million people are active on Instagram every day. So, imagine the exposure that this can do for your business.

Take it one step further by sending your link to loyal clients. Get them to pass it onto their friends and family members by offering a discount on their next service. And remember to send the link to people in your contact list, who’ve yet to book some time in your chair.

Attend a Webinar to Keep Learning

Tips like these don’t stop here. Attend a Booksy Webinar session to keep learning about all of the tools that Booksy offers. These easily accessible courses are designed to make sure you can continue learning how to get ahead from our dedicated Customer Success team. 

During some of the sessions, industry experts share their experience and provide personalised tips on how to succeed. One of our most recent webinars was hosted by Alan Beak, a world-renowned barber, seasoned educator, shop owner, and master-level stylist in the UK.

Participating in a webinar is simple, just check our website for times and dates. Then register to help grow your business or sharpen your skills. Bring your questions and learn from your peers. Leave with a new set of tools that will help take your business to new heights.