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Reserve with Google: Booksy takes online beauty bookings to the next level

About Booksy, All,

Booksy is constantly developing new ways to make appointments easier for you and your clients. For us, it is important to continually push ourselves to provide you with the best possible service and meet the needs of the ever-evolving beauty industry. That is why we are so proud to announce that Booksy has partnered with Google for the US launch of Reserve with Google: the search-based booking service for beauty professionals.


How you benefit from Reserve with Google

Greater visibility: Potential clients will be able to easily discover your business and see your availability from a simple Google Search.

Greater ease for potential clients: Reserve with Google lets people select the service, time, and staff member directly from a business’s listing on Google Search, and book without leaving the page!

Greater edge over the competition: The easier it is for clients to book with you, the more likely they’ll pick you over other options. Because Reserve with Google makes it easy for people to book with you straight from the search results, potential clients have one more reason to select your business over the rest.

The best part? There are no risks or additional costs for you.

Once a booking is made through Reserve with Google, it works the way any Booksy booking would. This means that you still have everything organized on one calendar, still have full control over each appointment and still have access to the client and booking information you need. In other words, all we’ve done is make it even easier to fill your schedule- and it’s included as one of Booksy’s basic services for businesses.

The next step in beauty bookings

At Booksy, we work hard to keep you connected to current and potential clients. Paired with all of the ways Booksy lets clients book with you, this is the natural next step in accommodating you and your clients.  So no matter what your clients’ preferences are, Booksy has you covered.

So if you’re ready to see what this and other Booksy services can do for your business, start here:

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