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Barber shops in Weston-super-Mare, England

Weston-super-Mare boasts a bustling high street close to the popular seafront. Here you’ll find the best barbers in Weston-super-Mare; places offering men’s haircuts, skin fades, beard trims and shaves. Check out the prices at the barber shops near you by browsing the salons online at You can see all the available services and how much they cost before you commit. There are also lots of reviews left by customers - these can help you decide which barber is right for you. Book a barber appointment online in Weston-super-Mare To book an appointment with the best barbers nearby, you’ll find our app is easy to use on your smartphone. If you prefer to book from your laptop, go to our user-friendly website. Start by selecting the service you want at the top of the screen. Next, choose the location you require. You’ll find a list appears of all the barbers in Weston-super-Mare that offer exactly what you need. To help you find barber shops in Weston-super-Mare that suit your budget, you’ll find a guide to all the current prices displayed at the side. At a glance, you can also see the address, how to find the shop and the opening times too. When you’re happy with a place, click the ‘Book” button to secure a timeslot. It’s easy and quick to book a barber appointment online with us. Not sure what a barber does? Barbers are trained hairdressers that specialise in haircuts for men and boys. Most barbers offer traditional styles that are cut into shape with scissors as well as shaved hairstyles created using clippers. They also shape and trim beards, eyebrows and moustaches. Popular barbers require an appointment made in advance. How to choose the best barber in Weston-super-Mare? In Weston, there’s a range of great barber shops, and choosing the best one for you is easy with booksy. That’s because we’ve got all the information you need in one place. The reviews are useful – they are written by recent customers. See what other people say about the barber shops near you and choose one that suits your requirements. How much does a barber cost? Barbers in Weston charge fair and reasonable prices for wet haircuts, skin fades and trims. Usually, you’ll pay between £15 and £20 for these services. A child’s cut will set you back around £12 on average. Beard shaping is offered at most barber shops in Weston-super-Mare and tends to be priced at £6 to £10. To know in advance how much a service costs, browse the barbers on booksy – they have typical prices listed for each place. How to find barbers that are open now? You can find barber in Weston-super-Mare that are open 7 days a week. Most open at 9 am and close around 6 pm from Monday to Friday. One or two places open an hour earlier at 8 am a couple of times a week. If you want walk in barbers in Weston that open late, use the time filter on the booksy app. It’ll let you know which of the shops are open in the evenings. This feature will save you time calling every barber in town. Cheap barber shops in Weston-super-Mare Don’t pay more than you want to for haircuts and skin fades in Weston, use our website to view prices for each service. By using the filter to sort the results, you can see the cost for the service you’re looking for – for example click on ‘beard trim’ to see what the local shops charge. You can compare prices and read the reviews to find the best barber shops near you. Barbers near me Don’t struggle with clunky search engines, use the booksy app to find the best barbers in Weston-super-Mare that offer what you need. It’s easy to use, simply start at the top of the page and click ‘What are you looking for?’ Select your service and move on to the ‘Where?’ button. You can use the ‘Map View’ to see barbers in certain areas, or add your preferred date and time to filter by availability. And when you’ve found the best barber for you, book an appointment online from the comfort of your sofa!
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