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Should you visit a barber shop or a hairdresser? The distinction between these two can be quite confusing. Some clients think that barbers specialise only in grooming facial hair but it isn’t the case; Many barbers actually specialise in cutting and styling men’s hair and will even provide you with services that most hairstylists are not familiar with, such as fade. So, what’s the real difference? In general, when it comes to hair, barbers work with different tools (mostly clippers and razors) and specialise in shorter styles. Of course, additionally, they also offer shaving and styling facial hair and even services usually associated with beauticians, such as maintaining eyebrows and waxing nose hair. Hairstylists are trained in scissor cutting and tend to be more familiar with working on longer hair. Their services include chemical treatments and they are used to working with bleach and colourful dyes. If you visit a barber shop, you can usually count on getting: A basic haircut, A fade, A shave, A beard trim Some barber shops additionally offer: Special, more advanced haircuts Hot towel shaves Beard grooming & maintenance Eyebrow styling Waxing (nose, ear, eyebrows) Are barber shops less expensive than hair salons? It really depends. Yes, you can find many barbers that are all about providing quick, simple cuts and plain shaves for a good price. However, there are also businesses that have raised taking care of male beauty to the level of art. These tend to be far more luxurious and their prices reflect this. How can I find affordable barbers in Dudley? This is where Booksy will be your perfect little helper. Booksy is a free booking platform that gathers the best health & beauty service providers from the entire United Kingdom. It allows you to search for a perfect barber shop, book your visit online and leave a review after the visit, for other users to be guided by. You can easily check the pricing of businesses listed on Booksy and find one that suits your needs the best. How can I find barber shops in Dudley that are open right now? Again, all you have to do is use Booksy - either by visiting our website or downloading the free Booksy app. Type your current location or simply turn the location services on. Now all you have to do is choose your preferred date and time. The system will show you only the businesses that are available in the chosen time frames, so you can easily pinpoint the barbers that are currently open near you! How can I find the best barbers near me? Booksy allows you to rate businesses you have visited and share your experience with other users of the platform. Whenever you are searching for a place to visit, you can sort the results by the top reviewed ventures or ones that have received the special Booksy recommendation, our badge of quality. Again, all you have to do is to either type your current location, or turn on the location services and search for barber shops near you. Then you sort the results by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy” and voila - you can choose from the best of the best in Dudley! How should I prepare for my visit to a barber shop? The most important thing to keep in mind is to check your barber shop’s of choice cancellation policy (which you can also do by looking at its Booksy profile) - be aware that most barbers treat it very seriously. If it happens that you cancel your appointment too late or even forget about it whatsoever, you may be deemed as a “no-show” and blacklisted. Babers expect punctuality from their clients, especially if the service in question is a quick one - even a 5-minute delay may disrupt their busy schedule. Other rules include coming to your appointment with clean hair, trying to not move your head too much and staying off your phone, as constant scrolling and tapping causes too much movement of hands and shoulders. Make sure to visit your barber’s Booksy profile before arriving at your appointment and check if they have more specific rules listed in there!