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Brighton and Hove, England

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    Alidya Perm cellulite removal- 3 Sessions required

    Alidya Alidya treatment helps to significantly reduce lumps and dimples, making skin smoother and more toned. The composition of amino acids in the Alidya meso cocktail allows for normalizing the lymph flow, improving blood microcirculation and supply of oxygen to the tissues. Thus, this injectable solution accelerates the metabolism in tissues and thus removes the toxic substances which swell up the fat cells and provoke cellulite. Are there side effects? The more prevalent side effects of Alidya treatment are the same as those of other mesotherapy procedures and may include the appearance of superficial bruises or redness at the site of injection. These common side effects typically pass quickly, within a few hours. Much more rarely, some patients may experience pain or infection and need primary care intervention. Along with that, Alidya treatment is not recommended while pregnant and breastfeeding. Other contraindications include diabetes, thyroid, kidney and liver diseases, hemophilia, and taking anticoagulants.

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