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Brighton and Hove is a coastal region south of London and home to Brighton, a liberal, seaside city with a reputation for art, music, education, and nightlife. For locals and visitors looking to stand out in this fashion-focused city, barbers are a necessity that the city has in abundance. If you are looking for barber shops nearby, we can show you a long list of Brighton and Hove’s barbers, customer reviews to evaluate your options, and an easy system to book today from any smartphone, desktop, or tablet with an internet connection.  Book barber appointment online in Brighton and Hove Our user-friendly website and mobile app allow you to quickly and easily view Barbers in Brighton and Hove, and all the info you need to make an informed decision on where to go on your next trip to the barbers. In just a few clicks, you can book a same-day appointment or an appointment at a convenient time and date for you. All you need to get started is an internet connection.  Not sure what barbers do?  On the face of it, barbers and haircut specialists for men, however, the exact services stretch far beyond this, and these days many barbers will also cater for women. Common offerings include dry haircuts, wet haircuts, wash, and dry, styling, dying, and beard and eyebrow trimming. But it is also common to have a conversation with your barber, often a friendly conversation with your regular barber can blossom into a great friendship. It is not unusual for barbers to offer light refreshments to customers, maybe tea, coffee, or sometimes even a beer.  How to choose the best barber in Brighton and Hove? Struggling to decide where to go for your next haircut? Booksy has got you covered. The site and app have an easy filtering search system and comprehensive customer reviews to give you all the info you need to make a decision. Order available Barber shops in Brighton and Hove by star ratings and create a shortlist of places to try. After each visit you can record your experience, both to record your own notes and inform other users on Booksy.  How much does a haircut cost?  Brighton and Hove have barbershops that cater to customers with different income levels and budgets. On the lower end of the scale, you can find prices for a simple haircut as low as £10-20, but for a more comprehensive service offering and a more comfortable atmosphere (with the possibility of a light refreshment), you can expect to pay £30-50 or more. For a quick beard trim, it’s easy to find a good service for under £10.  How to find barbers open now? To find a barber shop open now near you, Booksy will help you make an easy, informed decision. Quickly get info on the opening times of available options and book your appointment in just a few clicks. Just keep in mind that opening times range from 7 or 8am to 6-6.30pm and the busiest times are before and after normal working hours and around lunchtime.  Cheap barbers in Brighton and Hove Interested in cheaper options for your next haircut? By using Booksy’s sort-by-price option, it’s easy to find the best deal on your next haircut.  Specialist near you There are plenty of Barbershops in Brighton and Hove ready to welcome you on your next haircut. For a quick look at the closest options, try the Map View of the top-right of the search results list, where you will find info on prices, review scores and details on the locations of your closest options.  With it’s never been easier to find barbers shops in your area and book a quick appointment. Start your search today and make an efficient, informed choice on haircuts and more.
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