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Eyebrows & Lashes in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove constitute two of the most bustling resorts on the entire South Coast which means there are plenty of beauty salons, day spas and hairdressers to choose from. There are also a number of places that specialise in brows and lashes in Brighton and Hove, too. Whether you live in the area or have come to Brighton and Hove for a break, you will always be sure to find a place dealing with eyebrows & lashes near you thanks to Booksy. Book an eyebrows & lashes appointment online in Brighton and Hove There are two options with Booksy – you can either search eyebrows & lashes nearby in Brighton and Hove through our app or via our website. Either way, it takes moments to find places offering services for brows and lashes in Brighton and Hove. Simply enter Brighton and all of the results for Hove will be added to your list automatically. You can refine your search for only places that do work with eyebrows and lashes by tapping on the relevant filter. Then, all you need to do is to find an establishment that you like the look of, hit 'Book' and make your appointment at a time that suits you. What could be easier than that? Not sure what eyebrows & lashes salons do? At a salon that deals primarily with eyebrows and lashes treatments, you can expect a specialist service that will reshape your eye hair. In many cases, you can obtain tinting services as well as treatments that will augment and volumise your eyelashes. Some operate in beauty salons but others are stand-alone establishments. How do you choose the best eyebrows & lashes in Brighton and Hove? Booksy makes it easy to work out which places in Brighton and Hove have the best reputation for eyebrows and eyelashes. This is because each of them has a score out of five that you can see as soon as your search results appear. Just tap or click on the ones with the highest ratings. Please note that these scores are worked out from the average ratings left by other Booksy users who have been to the establishment in question. We provide you with the score as well as the number of reviews it has been drawn from so you can always make an informed decision about where to book your appointment. How much does an eyebrows & lashes treatment cost? This will depend on the sort of treatment or service you want. A quick eyebrow threading treatment, for example, will set you back under £10 at most places in Brighton and Hove. There again, if you are looking for a lash lift and tint, then you will expect to pay in the region of £50. Sometimes the variation in cost comes down to the skill level involved and sometimes it is because of the length of time you will be being treated for. Helpfully, Booksy makes it easy to compare pricing. How can you find an eyebrows & lashes salon open now? With Booksy, you can find places dealing with eyebrows & lashes nearby in Brighton and Hove that are ready for you to head to right now. Just refine your search results by tapping or clicking on the 'When?' search field. Next, enter the time and date at the current moment. Booksy will then seek all of the available appointment slots in the immediate future and you can then book one. Want to check the usual opening hours of a business? Just select it and you'll be presented with their timetable for operating times. Cheap eyebrows & lashes treatments in Brighton and Hove If you select a particular eyebrow and lashes salon you are interested in booking, then you can see their full price list. This will include any offers that might be available at the moment, such as two-for-one promotions, for example. Overall, Booksy provides a snapshot of pricing when you see your results first of all. Each business will have three services you can compare pricing with. You can also add further filters so you see the prices charged for particular types of service, such as lash tinting, for example. Eyebrows & lashes near you Booksy has a map view you can use to locate eyebrows & lashes places near you. Alternatively, use your device's locational data to find the closest establishments by selecting 'search near me'.