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As one of the best-known seaside resorts on the south coast, Brighton and Hove both have plenty of day spas one offer delivering a wide range of treatments. Whether you want a deep cleansing facial, a shoulder and neck massage or are looking for a full-body wax, you will find a day spa in Brighton and Hove offering it – and much more besides! Book a day spa appointment online in Brighton and Hove With Booksy, you can book a day spa appointment in Brighton and Hove simply and easily. To begin with, select day spas in the search bar and then enter 'Brighton' since this will produce results for both Brighton and Hove. Then, enter your preferred time for an appointment – if you have one – and check out all of the results on offer. You can rearrange your results online according to Booksy's recommendations or see the best-reviewed day spas first. It is up to you. Tap or click on 'book' to make your appointment online whether you are using a web browser or our mobile-friendly app. Not sure what a day spa does? Some people get confused about the difference between what a spa and a day spa is. In the main, spas are part of a resort or hotel where you will stay overnight. A day spa may provide just as many luxurious treatments and be just as pampering but it will not have overnight accommodation for you to stay in. That said, some traditional spas also operate as day spas for some of their clientele, hence the common confusion. Most day spas provide beauty treatments like waxing, pedicures, facials, lash tinting, massages and exfoliating salt scrubs, among others. How do you choose the best day spa in Brighton and Hove? Whether you reside in Brighton and Hove or are looking for day spa places nearby because you are on holiday there or visiting friends, Booksy makes it easy to track down the best service providers. This is because all of the businesses that provide day spa services in the city are rated. These are based on genuine ratings and reviews that have been left by other Booksy users. Not only will you be able to see a particular day spa's rating but you will also be able to see how many reviews that rating is drawn from. Click on any day spa you are interested in and scroll down. Here, you will see individual user reviews so you can get a much better idea of which day spas are best and – even more crucially – which ones will suit your preferences most. How much does a day spa cost? When it comes to day spa places nearby, prices vary a tremendous amount. A typical facial will cost something like £30 to £40 but more specialist services, like bespoke chemical peels – a kind of skin treatment – will be more. Waxing services for the chin or other parts of the body could be as little as £10 per treatment, however. As such, the cost will depend not just on the day spa you want to use but the type of treatment or treatments you will book. How do you find a day spa open now? At Booksy, we aim to make it as convenient as possible to book day spa places nearby in Brighton and Hove that are available now. Add your preferred time and today's date into the search engine. Your results should now be filtered according to the current availability of certain treatments. Alternatively, select a particular day spa and look at the business hours to see when it is open. Cheap day spas in Brighton and Hove Users can refine their searches to see the least expensive treatments on offer with Booksy. Select a day spa and compare the treatment prices currently available. If a day spa in Brighton and Hove has a promotion, then this will be easy to spot under 'offers'. Day spas near you t Booksy, you can make searches for day spa places nearby in Brighton and Hove with ease. Just turn your device's locational settings on and tap the location search field in the app or online. If you then select the 'search near me' button, all of the day spas that are located within your vicinity will appear on your screen.