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Hair salons in Exeter

Hairdressers in Exeter are offering the best services when it comes to beauty. Some of the services offered by these hair salons include: • Different forms of hair removal including waxing. • Skincare treatments. • Facial. • Hairstyling, cutting, and even colouring. • Massages. • Nail treatments. For the above services, you can visit any hair salon in Exeter and get your treatment there. Can I book a hair salon appointment in Exeter? The good news is that you can. With Booksy, we make it easy for you to book your appointments online. We have listed different hair salons and the services they offer against the prices they charge and the ratings they have gotten from offering services to our other clients.  To book your online appointment with us, visit our website at or you can download our app for free and use it. Our services are accessed through any device that can access the internet. Why should you visit a hair salon? Hair salons have professionals who offer the best services when it comes to beauty and even therapeutical treatments. Unlike the traditional hair salons, modern hair salons now offer a wide range of services from hair styling, colouring, and cutting to nail treatment and even massages and facials and skincare treatments. The good thing about getting your services in a hair salon is that due to competition, they will give you the best services and leave you feeling good about how you look. How can I choose the best hair salon in Exeter? At Booksy, we can help you choose the best hair salon in Exeter. We are confident in doing so because we have a list of the best hair salons in Exeter listed from the feedback we get from our clients thus giving different salons different ratings. With the ratings, you can go for the hair salon that you feel can give you the best services. You can therefore find the best hair salon using our services by sorting them through the reviews and comparing them with the ratings they receive. How much will I spend by seeking services from a hair salon? When it comes to hair salons, prices vary depending on the kind of service you want to be offered to you. Here is a list of the amount you are likely to spend in a hair salon for the various services they offer: • A blow-dry can go for 23.95 pounds. • A blow-dry with the addition of hair extension can go for 30 pounds. • For regrowth colour, you can spend around 40 pounds. • To get a lady’s cut and finish you can spend around 47.95 pounds. It is important to note that the prices can change depending on the hair salon you go to. For some, you can spend more than the listed amount while for others you can spend less than the costs mentioned above. How can I find a hair salon that is open now? If you are looking to book an appointment with a hair salon at a specific time and date, then you are in luck because with Booksy we can make this happen.  All you have to do is click on the profile of the hair salon of your choice and check on their opening and closing hours and whether they have an opening on the day and time you want to book your appointment.  How can I find cheap hair salons in Exeter? To find hair salons within your price range, you can use Booksy to make your search easier. All you have to do is visit our website at or use our app, on the search engine, write the kind of service you are looking for and the price range you are looking for and click on search. A list of all the hair salons offering the service you want at the price you are looking for will then be listed. You can then pick the salon of your choice from there. How can I find a hair stylists nearby? Booksy can be of great assistance to help you find a hair salon open now near you with ease. All you have to do is use our app or visit our website at and turn on the location and hair salons near you will be listed.  Alternatively, you can use the map and filter your location by code and all the hair salons near you will be shown there. Use Booksy today for all your beauty and health searches and make your search easier and faster. You can trust the information Booksy provides as we make our listing based on clients’ feedback and indicate the kind of rating each service provider gets.  Download our app for free today or visit our website at and conduct your searches with ease