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Churchdown, England

Holistic Medicine in Churchdown, England (5)

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  • The Art of Touch

    3.5 mi 64 Orchard way, GL51 7LB, Cheltenham

    Full Body Massage

    Relaxing massage therapy - and one of the most popular. Using longstanding and influential techniques, Relaxing massage is proven to optimise circulation, release toxins and address tendon, ligament and joint problems. Long, gliding strokes are combined with kneading and various classic pressure applications to relax the entire body. The steady pressure of a relaxing massage has many associated benefits including an increased range of motion, pain relief and long-term tension release.
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    £40.00 £32.00

    Sensual Massage

    Relaxing, sensual full body massage. Relaxing, sensual massage of the whole body without intimate touch and deliberate stimulation. It can be taken as a naturist massage on a naked body that allows it to flow freely and can heal all areas such as buttocks and breasts that are avoided with a typical massage. For your modesty and comfort, you can stay in your underwear. The treatment begins and ends with a head massage. Comfortable and candlelit room with a slight scent and pleasant music. You can shower before and after the massage. Initially, you will be lying face down on a table or mat
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    £80.00 £64.00

    Tao Tantra Massage

    Tao Sensual Massage – it’s a deep work with the body and feelings; it is a therapeutic massage based on tantric massage, Tao massage and energy massage. It combines elements of body sexology, acupressure, intimate parts and flow orgasm. The delicacy of my touch will take you on a journey during which you will experience what you need the most at the moment, what your body demands, contact with yourself and consent to what is. It is a conscious gaze without judgments, without limits, without fear.
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    £160.00 £128.00
    2h 30min
  • CM Aesthetics

    3.0 mi Get Waxed, 2 Wellington Street, GL1 1RA, Gloucester, England

    Free Consultation


    B12 Injection


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  • El Barbero Ltd

    4.3 mi 42 Suffolk Road, GL50 2AQ, Cheltenham

    Standard Haircut


    Haircut and quick beard trim

    Express Beard Trim and Basic haircut

    Wash Cut & Finish

    Goose to have a shampoo/scalp wash before or after your haircut. Ideal to wash old product out, or wash fine hair fibres away to feel fresh after cut.
  • The Salon Ashleworth

    5.3 mi Goodrich house nupend Ashleworth, GL19 4JJ, Ashleworth, England

    Cut & finish



    1h 15min

    Bouncy blowdry

  • Michelle Powell Microblading And Beauty

    13.7 mi Panorama, Littledean hill road, GL14 2BT, Cinderford

    Annual top up

    1h 30min

    Microblading plus top up session

    Patch test needed 48hrs before treatment

    Patch tests