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    Skin IQ Aesthetics

    1.6 mi 108, York Road, BT15 3HF, Belfast


    £10 redeemable towards chosen treatment AN INITIAL SKIN CONSULTATION IS JUST FOR YOU IF YOU’RE CONSIDERING HAVING AN AESTHETIC TREATMENT … BUT ARE LITTLE SCARED OR UNSURE? Come and have a Skin Consultation and let me answer any questions you may have.   There’s no hard sell and no obligation to take things further. The Skin Consultation provides a comfortable and safe space, where my intention is to help you by: understanding the problem you would like to solve suggesting the best treatment plan for you giving you the information you need so you can make an informed decision providing pricing alternatives where required There’s no obligation or pressure to take things any further.

    Anti-wrinkle Injections 💉

    TREATMENTS FOR FOREHEAD LINES When frown lines become a permanent fixture, it can make us look permanently worried or stressed.  Not a good look! Small amounts of the anti-wrinkle product are injected in strategic points of the frontalis muscle on the forehead to lift and smooth these lines. FOR CROW’S FEET OR SMILE LINES To smooth out Crow’s Feet or Eye Smile Lines, an injectable is injected into the Orbicularis Oculi muscle, the circular muscles around the eyes. Wrinkle smoothing treatments relax the muscle in that area, so that when you smile, the Smile Lines are reduced. TO REDUCE FROWN LINES This is the glabella region, where we have 3 very strong muscles, the procerus and the corrugators.  Injections are strategically placed in these muscles to create a lift and smooth out the wrinkles. As a result, you get a fresher, more youthful … yet still natural look.
    4 areas + 1 FREE
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    Lip Augmentation 💋

    WHAT IS LIP FILLER? Filler is a safe gel made of Hyaluronic Acid, a synthetic version of what our bodies produce naturally. It is injected into the lips to create fuller, more defined lips.  You could enjoy a subtle improvement or the on-trend full pout. As no two person’s lips are the same, there can’t be a one-size fits all approach.  A skilled practitioner will know how to improve your lips according to your own anatomy to give you the best look for you.
    1ml Juvederm
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  • P.H Aesthetics

    10.0 mi 7 Rose Park, BT23 8HQ, Newtownards

    Dermal Filler consultation

    All consultations are redeemable towards services.





    4.9 mi Antrim Road, 162, BT36 7QZ, Newtownabbey



    Beard and Skin Fade


    Kids Cut

  • Ace Boutique

    4.2 mi 252 Whitewell Road, Throne centre, BT36 7NH, Newtownabbey

    Refit & Colour Combo

    This is for timining purposes only as we will need to remove your hair extensions before colour. All colour & refit clients should select this service FIRST, then your colour service then your refit service.

    Hair Extension Consultation

    New clients MUST book consultation. Any regular clients can confirm their weave or nano booking without unless wanting a different method, another consultation MUST be booked.

    Bring your own Hair

    FOR NEW FITTINGS ONLY, NOT REFITS Bringing your own hair still requires a consultation to be booked so please select this in the menu. Own hair fitting including tools, labour & styling is £60 per hour so Please state in your notes what method you are bringing and how many grams to determine correct timing & costs.
    Save up to 10%
    £60.00+ £54.00+
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    Mrs Joseph Bradley

    17.6 mi 5 Hamilton Mews Killyleagh, BT30 9UR, Downpatrick

    painters and Decorators

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    Colleen Mackin Makeup & Beauty

    40.0 mi 38 Maphoner Road, Newry

    Makeup With Lashes


    Makeup Without Lashes


    Bridal Makeup Trial

    1h 30min

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