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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Pet Services in Belfast, Northern Ireland (10)

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  • Ted Shearing

    2.2 mi 14 Orange Field Grove, BT5 6DA, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    PUPPY GROOM (14 - 26 weeks)

    Bath & Blow Dry, Hygiene Area trimmed, Paw pads trimmed, Nails Clipped, Spritz of Baby Fresh. Puppies should generally be introduced to professional grooming when they are about 10 to 12-weeks-old as long as they have had their second injections. Once they’re in the routine you’ll then want to bring them every four to eight weeks depending on their breed. In order to make your puppy’s first visit to at Ted Shearing as stress free as possible you’ll want to do a few things to prepare them for the experience. Here are some tips that will help them relax when they visit: Ensure that your puppy is comfortable being held by gently touching all parts of his body ahead of his first visit. You’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable being held by holding them yourself as much as possible. Introduce your puppy to a brush at a young age and show them there is nothing to be afraid of. Gently brush them, building up the time spent brushing them each day. If they get stressed or over agitated stop brushing. Ensure your puppy is used to their paws being held and their ears been touched.
    1h 30min

    BATH & FLUFF DRY (Curly/Silky Coats)

    A mini groom In-between grooms suitable for corse / curly coats such as Poodles, Bichons, Cockapoos & other Doodles. Prices start at £22. This services includes Bath & Blow Dry, Hygiene Area trimmed, Paw pads trimmed, Nails Clipped, Spritz of Baby Fresh.
    1h 20min


    Nail clipping & filing
  • Izabela Dutka Aesthetics & Training Academy

    1.2 mi 343 Woodstock road, BT6 8PT, Belfast

    Pathway to Aesthetics

    Pathway to Aesthetics

    1 Area

    Consultation with prescriber required Clinic is available every Wednesday and Friday 12-3

    2 Areas

  • Clawed Nail Bar

    1.8 mi Fiji Belfast, 611 Lisburn Road, Fiji Belfast Above Kaffe O, BT9 7GT, Belfast

    Acrylic Extensions

    Acrylic extensions on bare natural nails
    1h 45min
    Plain 1 colour/glitter
    + 1 more options

    Acrylic Infill

    We do not work over other nail tech acrylics. Removal will be required before we touch the nails :) Infill: acrylic we have done that has grown out and needs growth filled in
    1h 30min

    Acrylic overlay

    Acrylic overlay is a layer of acrylic applied on the natural nail without any extensions.
    1h 30min
  • TMC Beauty

    2.4 mi 19 New Barnsley cresent, Belfast

    Brow tint only

    This is a customised tint over the brow area only. No mapping or precision tinted included. (Book precision brow for this)

    Russian Lashes

    Russian volume eyelash extensions involve multiple lashes being made into 'fans' ranging from 2D-10D.. Each set will be bespoke to the client and will be mapped and styled to suit your eye shape while taking into account your own natural lash health. Russian volume lashes can be light and natural or fuller and darker depending on the clients personal preference.

    Russian Lash Infills

    Required every 3 weeks to maintain full, safe and neat lashes. I do not infill other work. If you haven't had your lashes done here. Please book a removal and full set. Thank you
    1h 30min
  • Beauty Culture

    1.7 mi 1a Bloomfield Road, BT5 5LR, Belfast

    Crystal Clear Skin Treatment


    Pro Skin 30 treatment


    Pro Skin 60 Treatment

    1h 30min
  • Nicky's Beauty Boutique

    2.5 mi 502 Antrim Road, BT15 5GF, Belfast

    Anti Wrinkle 2 Areas

    Forehead and in between eyes. Held monthly speak to Nicky to find out which date Dr is in salon.

    1 area anti wrinkle


    0.5 ml filler

  • Tan & Glam

    1.8 mi 300b Antrim Road, Belfast

    ear piercing 1 ear


    ear piercing 2 ears


    Hair tinsel

    Option 1
    + 1 more options
  • Pout bodypiercing and beauty studio

    1217 m Nelson Street, BT15 1BH, Belfast

    Nose piercing with hoop


    Biab and toes

    1h 30min

    Make up training

  • B.aesthetics

    1.6 mi 49 Lockview Road, BT9 5FJ, Belfast

    SOONEST LIP FILLER with any Injector


    SOONEST NON-SURGICAL NOSE with any injector


    SOONEST LIP FLIP with any Injector

  • Brows And Base

    2.7 mi 327 Ballysillan Road, BT14 6RE, Belfast

    Standard Brow Wax OR Tint

    Under Brow only, not for shaping

    Precision Brow Reshape (no tint)

    Brows waxed above and below the brows to create absolute precision. Creating beautiful crafted brows, waxed, trimmed and tweezed to perfection.

    HYBRID DYE (no waxing)

    The latest Dye on the market. This is designed to colour skin and hair for up to 6-8 weeks.. It creates a matt finish and gives a longer result.. My dye of choice for those with oily skin types that regular tint just won't adhere too. If you are a new client please call in for a patch test, failure to do so will result in a charge if you turn up to the appointment without a test.

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