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There is no shortage of skilled hairdressers in Belfast, but you may find it challenging to book an appointment if you are always on a busy schedule. While there are numerous salons in the city, not everyone has enough time to physically visit each salon before choosing the best one for them. Luckily, you don’t have to go through all that when looking for the best hairdressers in Belfast, as you can use an online appointment booking platform like Booksy.com. You are only required to log in to the site and search for a hairdresser according to location. You can also use the price filter to help you get the results for hairdressers within a particular price range. You will always get several salons to compare and choose from, thanks to the huge number of hairdressers on the platform. Book a hairdressing appointment online in Belfast If you want to book an appointment with the best hair stylists nearby, you only have the option of physically visiting the nearby salons or doing it online. A simple Google search, like “hair stylist near me”, will give you a map and pages of results. However, the results you get may not be as accurate as using a platform that is specifically designed to help customers locate and book appointments with hairdressers within a particular locality.  Sites like Booksy.com will have a list of all the hairdressers in the area, plus they will also display their prices and their opening and closing hours. Booksy also has a free mobile app for Android and iOS. We also provide reviews by customers to help you choose the best hairdresser according to your taste and preferences. Not sure what does a hairdresser does? A hairstylist is a person who cuts and styles a customer’s hair according to the needs of the customers. You can explain to them what you want, or they can provide some photos to help you identify the style you want. If you are not sure what style is best for you, the hairstylist will use their expertise to recommend the best hairstyle for you. Other duties include adding dyes to hair, cleaning hair, advising clients on the best ways to maintain their hair health and selling hair-care products. How to choose best hairdresser in Belfast Due to the huge number of hairstylists in Belfast, customers might find it challenging to choose the best hairdresser on Booksy.com. The first thing you should do is research more about the available hairdressers. You can use the customer comments below each hairdresser’s profile or look for reviews by third party reviewers online. A hairstylist with positive customer testimonials and reviews can be a good pick as it shows that most of their clients are satisfied by their services. On the other hand, too many negative comments show that the hairstylist is not experienced enough or their customer service is poor. You should avoid such hairstylist as you may also become a victim of poor service. How much does hairdressing cost? The cost of hairdressing may vary from one hairdresser to the next. A hairdresser will mostly charge according to the type of hairstyling service you want, the time it takes and the type of products they will use. Other factors that determine the price charged is the hairdresser’s target clientele and the location of their hair salon. On average, a hairstylist in Belfast will charge you between £15 and £30. How to find a hairdresser open now? If you are looking for a hair salon open now near you, the best thing is to use the time filter. Booksy.com will provide a list of the salons that are open at that time. You can also click on the hair stylist’s profile to check their opening and closing hours. Cheap hairdresser in Belfast Booksy.com has a solution for everyone, thanks to the huge list of hairdressers available in Belfast. You are only required to filter your search to only get the results of salons charging what you can afford. However, you should be aware that most cheap salons will only offer basic hair styling services. Specialist near me Using Booksy.com is the only sure way of finding a hairstylist near you without leaving your house or office. The site provides a wide variety of local hairstylist to choose from. You only need to enter your location, and a list of the available hair stylists will pop up. You can also use the maps view, which shows the exact location of the hairdressers and your location on the map