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If you are looking for someone who professionally applies makeup in Brighton and Hove, then Booksy will help you to find someone suitable. As one of the most vibrant cities in the whole of southern England, there are plenty of makeup artists nearby to choose from. That's great to know if you live in the area or are simply visiting for a while. Book a makeup artist appointment online in Brighton and Hove With Booksy, it is child's play to track down makeup artists nearby in Brighton and Hove. To begin with, all you need to do is to tap in 'Brighton' and your search results will include those in nearby Hove, as well. When your search results appear online or through our app, just select 'Makeup artists' and all of the nail salons and day spas that do not provide makeup application services will disappear, thereby making it much easier for you to compare places that do. Your results will show Booksy's recommendations by default but you can alter this easily to show those with the best review ratings first if you'd prefer. Not sure what a makeup artist does? Although some makeup artists work in the theatre or film and TV industries, many provide services to ordinary consumers who would like to achieve a particular look. In Brighton and Hove, there are numerous such artists who are skilled with all aspects of makeup. You can book them for a night out, to get made up for an important date or interview or simply because you want to look your glamorous best. How do you choose the best makeup artist in Brighton and Hove? As previously mentioned, anywhere doing makeup in Brighton and Hove listed on Booksy will have a rating. This is a score out of five but it has not been given by us – it is down to the average rating given by other Booksy users just like yourself. This way, you can immediately determine which places doing makeup nearby in Brighton and Hove have the best reputations. Want to know more? Well, you can simply by selecting a particular makeup artist or establishment and scroll down to look at the reviews that have been left for it. How much does a makeup artist cost? When it comes to makeup in Brighton and Hove, costs vary a great deal. Some makeup artists have expensive salons to rent near to the seafront while others provide mobile services. That said, a full face makeup application including false lashes would set you back in the region of £40 to £60 depending on the business. Bear in mind that for such a service, you'd expect to spend around 90 minutes being seen to. A bridal trial makeup application will cost something like £50. Makeup consultations, on the other hand, tend to come in about £10 to £15. How do you find a makeup artist open now? At Booksy, you can find the opening hours of all the makeup nearby by simply clicking or tapping on them. You'll see a full price list as well as their usual business hours so you can tell whether or not they'll be open when you want to book. If you want to find out about availability right now, then enter today's date and the current time into the search parameters and Booksy will hunt for spots you can reserve in the immediate future. Cheap makeup artists in Brighton and Hove Prices for makeup applications and other beauty treatments vary in Brighton and Hove. If you want to find those with the cheapest price lists, then tap on them to see all the details of their charges. When you see your set of search results for the first time, Booksy will provide you with some sample pricing to give you a reasonable idea of how much you can expect to pay at different establishments. Makeup artists near to you Thanks to Booksy, users can make searches for makeup artist places nearby in Brighton and Hove without any hassles. Simply turn your device's locational settings on and then select the 'search near me' function. After that, all of the makeup artists that are closest to you will appear on your device's screen. If you want to do it another way, then you can also use Booksy's map view which helps to orientate you when looking for particular establishments, too.