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Most of us can agree that getting our nails done is one of the simplest luxuries in life—not only does it provide us with a relaxing salon experience but it’s also a way to take charge of our creative sides and express ourselves through playful colours and designs that reinforce our personalities. No matter if you prefer to keep it simple with a French manicure or go for a highly embellished set of acrylics, you’ll have no issue with finding nail salons in Birmingham if you’re scheduling with Booksy. Forget searching for “nail bar near me” for hours online, the only tool you’ll need to browse salons, read reviews, and book the best in your local area is Booksy, which can be downloaded on your iOS or Android app store or accessed via web browser at What is a nail salon and what types of services are offered? Whether you prefer to call it a nail bar or a nail salon, it makes no difference—these types of establishments are businesses that focus on caring for all the health and beauty aspects of our nails. Nail salons generally offer a range of services that you can select from, so if you’re exploring your options for nail places in Birmingham, you’ll want to read through our quick list of some of the most popular nail salon services below. CLASSIC MANICURE Otherwise known as just a “manicure”, classic manicures incorporate the standard steps of a manicure including but not limited to filing and shaping the nails, caring for the cuticles, and painting the nails with a regular nail varnish. ACRYLIC NAILS Acrylic nails are the ultimate way to achieve length and durability—this manicure style requires sculpting an acrylic solution over your natural nails to extend them and give them extra strength. These types of nails can be painted to your preference, but nail art is a common choice with acrylics. GEL NAILS If you love the look for a classic manicure but don’t love how quick it tends to chip, then a gel manicure may be of interest to you. Gel nails require the use of a specialized type of nail polish that must be cured under UV light to harden and can typically last up to two weeks. SHELLAC NAILS The sweet spot between a classic nail polish and a gel one, shellac nail varnish is essentially a hybrid of the two. Shellac nails offer the benefits of a long-lasting gel manicure without its time-consuming removal process. How do I choose the best nail salon in Birmingham? Looking for the best nails in Birmingham? We’ve got it covered! You can use Booksy to locate some of the best nail salons in your area through a simple Booksy search. The way to start is by filling out the required fields in our search engine bar that’s found at the top of the page. When you’ve completed your information and your listings have appeared, feel free to browse through your options and read client reviews to help you decide which salon is best for you. You can also use the “Sort by” feature to further help you in choosing the best salon by clicking either “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. How do I find nail salons open now? The easiest way by far to find nail salons open now is by using Booksy. On your Booksy app or on your browser if you’re using a computer, you can begin by completing the fields within the Booksy search engine. You’ll want to include information such as the business you’re looking for (nail salon), where you’re located (Birmingham, England), and a time slot for your appointment (hint: choose a time slot that is closest to the current date and time, so that our search engine can return results of currently open businesses). If you choose to browse your options for another chosen timeframe, you can always click any merchant of interest and view their hours of operation on their Booksy business page. Nail salon near me Efficiently view your options of nail places in Birmingham on our platform! Just like you’ve done before, you can start off with a Booksy search to find nail salons in your city. Just be sure you’ve set the correct location and your search results should reflect nail salons nearby. If you’d like to dive deeper, you can click the “Map View” button to help you distinguish which salons are closest to you.