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Birmingham is a huge city, and there are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing the best specialist for piercing. Most specialists are great, but the one who might be the best option for your friend may not be the ideal option for you. Furthermore, they charge differently. With the array of options, it can get quite overwhelming when choosing a piercing specialist, a person you can trust and be assured that the work done will be worth the money.  Book Piercing Appointment in Birmingham Online  These days, you don’t need to walk to a salon or studio to book an appointment for a piercing. Serious professionals have put their businesses online, making it easy for you to know what they offer, their location, and their cost. Furthermore, you can book an appointment online. That way, when you go for the piercing, you will not need to wait for hours before your turn. You will just walk into the salon, get pierced within minutes, and it will be over before you even know it.  While going online has made it easy for potential customers to choose the best piercing places nearby, there are still tons of options. These options can be confusing, given that every business will have plenty of information trying to convince you that they are the best and why you should choose them.  Luckily, Booksy.com has made it extremely easy for everyone to find the perfect piercing specialist. Booksy is a booking system that allows you to rate salons and any Piercing studio near you and choose the one that meets all your requirements, including price, distance, hygiene, and more. You can check the ratings of the studios using our app or webpage. Furthermore, you can go ahead and book an appointment with the studio that meets your standards. What’s more, the mobile app and webpage are free to use, and you can access this webpage through any device that connects to the internet, including phones, laptops, desktops, and even android TVs.  Not Sure What a Piercing Specialist Do?  Also known as a body piercer, a piercing specialist uses needles and other sharp objects to make incisions and holes on a client’s body as per their request. After making the incision or hole, the piercing artist puts jewellery on the incision per the client’s request. The most common parts that clients need piercing include ears, tongue, nose, lips, and eyebrows.  The body piercer is responsible for keeping the piercing instruments clean and sterilised. The body piercer should also be open to recommending the best products for aftercare even though they are not selling them in their studio. Finally, the body piercer should be up to date with the latest and safest piercing procedures.  Unfortunately, the body piercing industry is highly unregulated in the UK. There is always the risk of getting pierced by an inexperienced piercer who is not very good at his work. That’s why it is crucial to ensure that you choose an experienced body piercer who knows what they are doing and will not put your health at risk. Booksy.com can help you to compare the piercing studios near you and choose the one that suits you the most. You will get to read what other people experienced when they visited a particular studio and if they think it is worth it. The best body piercers usually have high ratings and positive reviews from former customers. We can help you find these perfect body piercers near you with our software for free.  How to Choose the Best Piercing Specialist in Birmingham  If you want to find the best body piercer in Birmingham, you must be sure of what you’re looking for. First, there are different body piercers; some specialise in ears while others specialise in other body parts such as lips, eyebrows, and bellybuttons. Therefore, find a specialist dealing with the part of the body you want to pierce. After identifying several piercers dealing with the body parts, you want to pierce, go through the reviews and recommendations.  Booksy has made it easy for you to find top piercing studios with the best reviews and recommendations. Our software ranks piercing studios near you according to the ratings and reviews left by former customers. You can go through the reviews and recommendations and see what each top studio offers before settling for one. When choosing between the best of the best, you can always be assured of high-quality work.  Be sure to choose a body piercer who provides aftercare instructions and one who has a clean and organised studio. You can get this information from the reviews; furthermore, the access has been made easier by Booksy.com.  How Much Does Piercing Cost in Birmingham? In large cities such as Birmingham, the cost of piercing varies from one studio to another. The cost is affected by several factors such as the standards of living in the specific location in Birmingham, the experience of the body piercer, the location of the piercing, and the number of piercings you want. In most cases, the piercing cost in Birmingham ranges between £15 and £50, excluding jewellery.  How to Find a Piercing Expert Open Now  There is no better way of finding the best piercing studios open right now than using the Booksy software. Our search engine allows you to choose the time that suits you, whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The working hours of various studios and salons are easily accessible on our platform, so you can always know when the studio of your choice is open. Whenever you are in doubt if the studio is open, Booksy has got your back.  Cheap Piercing Specialist in Birmingham  You can use our Booksy software to compare the piercing prices in your area and choose the one within your budget. You can quickly check the prices of the piercing studios and salons in Birmingham as listed on our platform. With the rankings provided by the software, you can choose the cheapest body piercer within seconds. You don’t need to visit the official websites of each studio to get the price because Booksy has listed the prices of piercing in Birmingham.  Piercing Specialist Near You  Do you want to find a piercing specialist near you in Birmingham? With Booksy, it is a matter of seconds because the platform uses Google location to find the best piercing specialists near you. Just turn location services on, and our platform will help you find businesses near you offering piercing services. You can also filter the locations using the map view and choose the nearest business that suits you.