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Ever since ancient Egypt, women have used makeup to make their eyebrows and eyelashes dark. They would use kohl to make their brows and lashes pop. The last years have seen a revert to the trend of the defined eyebrows and curled eyelashes. Whether more statement making, or more subtle, beauticians have been coming up with new ways to make our dreams of breathtaking eyes come true. So if you’re looking for a salon that specializes in brows and lashes in Birmingham, you’ve come to the right place. Can I book an appointment for a brow or eyelash service online? Thanks to Booksy, yes you can! Booksy is a beloved platform for booking online those eyelash extensions or henna eyebrows. If you prefer to browse the web on your laptop, visit our Booksy website. If you’re constantly in a hurry and prefer to book an appointment via your mobile phone, no worries! Our free Booksy app is available to download both on Android and iOS operated phones. What you’ll need to do once on Booksy is type in your location (in this case Birmingham) and the service you’re looking for (brows and lashes). After you hit the search button you’ll be provided with a list of beauty salons near you. What services can I get for my eyebrows or eyelashes? With a myriad of different available services, you might get a bit confused about what's best for you. To break it down, you can in one of two ways–with a more natural or more glamorous look. Eyebrows If you want to opt for something more natural, you can decide to get a simple brow shaping service. Brow shaping can be done in various ways, either by waxing, threading, or simply plucking. This can help create a distinct shape for your brows without overly changing your facial features. If, on the other hand, you’ve always been dreaming of those Cara Delevigne or Lily Collins eyebrows, you can book a microblading appointment. By using a device with tiny needles, a beautician will draw strokes of hair while releasing pigment under your skin. In this way your brows can have a desired shape and colour. Eyelashes Maybe you’re tired with the same mascara routine every morning and would like to cut in half the time it takes you to put makeup on. In such a case, eyelash extensions may prove to be a great solution! By attaching additional eyelashes to your existing ones, the beautician will be able to create an Instagram-worthy look. The cool part of lash extensions is that you can choose the level of drama you want to get, you can get a more subtle or more voluminous look. The great part about extensions is that with proper care, they can last a few weeks. How can I choose the best salon offering services such as brows and lashes in Birmingham? Booksy is a go-to booking service for millions and millions of clients. Thanks to that, you can easily check out ratings these awesome clients leave and reviews they post. You can learn more about the way the salon performs services and if visitors were happy. Additionally, Booksy has a cool sorting feature. Once you’ve got the results of beauty salons in Birmingham that perform brows and lashes, you can sort them in two ways–by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed.” Choosing the salon that will suit you best gets as easy as it can be! How much can these services cost? The price range is truly as wide as the amount of services offered. A simple brow shaping can cost as little as £7, while intricate eyelash extensions can cost up to £50-£60. Semi-permanent and permanent makeup services can cost anywhere from £100 up. How can I find salons offering lashes and eyebrows near me? Another cool Booksy feature worth mentioning is the so-called “Map View.” Basically its name says it all, but let us explain how you can open it. Once you’ve typed into the search engine your location and desired service, you’ll get a list of results. No matter if you’re on your computer or mobile phone, you’ll see the “Map View” feature pop up. When you open it, you’ll see all those listed salons set on a map. That will help you locate the one that will be closest to your home or work. Easy