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The services at Solihull's nail salons include much more than painting your nails with polish. Choose a standard manicure and receive a hand massage that makes your fingers feel elegant and supple. A luxury pedicure massages away the fatigue in your feet before the technician pampers your nails. There are beautiful acrylic nails with original art and top brand polishes of shiny gel and shellac. You can find these exciting nail treatments when you search on Booksy.com for nail salons near you in Solihull. Booksy is the easy to use platform for anyone searching for the latest nail treatments. Book nail salon appointment online in Solihull When you use Booksy in a search for nail salons nearby in Solihull, you'll get instant results every time. Booksy is streamlined, user-friendly and very informative. You can use the filters to refine your search for professional nail technicians in Solihull. When you've found a nail salon with great reviews, you can easily book your appointment online. Booksy has developed a booking system that's so simple to use. Whichever nail salon you decide to visit, you can book your appointment in advance. Booksy's booking facility is available twenty-four-seven. It lets you reserve your nail salon appointment at any time through your PC or the mobile app for iOS and Android. Not sure what a nail salon technician does? One of the most popular nail treatments is acrylic nail extensions. You can have them in classic round tip or square cut styles. You can even have acrylic nails shaped like talons or claws which are amazing for a great night out. Booksy's nail salons in Solihull always make sure there are different sizes available to ensure a perfect fit. You can also look forward to your natural nails being beautifully manicured by a professional technician. It's a skilled job that includes carefully trimming away excess cuticle skin. A hand massage is an important part of a manicure and is designed to keep your hands supple. Pedicures help your feet remain comfortable as rough, dry skin is efficiently removed. Choose vibrant colours for your nails, and opt for exciting nail art that's three-dimensional or highly decorative. Gel polishes usually cure fast beneath a UV lamp whereas acrylic polishes only need fresh air. The technicians also repair broken nails. How to choose best nail salon technicians in Solihull Booksy.com sorts the list of nail salons into an order that's based on their customer ratings. Good reviews place a nail salon much higher than its rivals. It's the perfect way for you to identify the best nail salons nearby in Solihull. Booksy creates a list of top nail salons that you can rely on to deliver the highest quality service. When you want to treat yourself to a nail salon apppointment, the Booksy platform provides the reassurance that's only gained when you read through other customer's honest reviews. How much are nail salon costs? A natural nail manicure or pedicure usually costs between £16 and £22 in nail salons near you in Solihull. You can expect to pay around £30 for a full set of acrylic toe nails. The cost for acrylic finger nail extensions is often around £45 or £50. When your nails have grown out after three weeks, a full infill might cost up to £32. Bespoke nail art, including glitter and rhinestones, is an exciting trend that could cost from as little as £1 for each nail. £3 is an average price for repairing a nail. How to find nail salons open now Nail salons near you in Solihull offer great flexibility with their opening times. Whatever time you'd like your nails professionally manicured, you're sure to find nail salons nearby in Solihull with hours that suit your routine. When you search on Booksy, you'll easily find the opening times of each nail salon. Many open between 9 am and 10 pm every day of the week. Closing times vary enormously. Some nail salons close at 6 pm while others stay open until 7 pm, 8 pm and even 9 pm. Cheap nail salons in Solihull Sometimes, everyone needs to economise. But that's when Booksy's filters help you even more by assembling a list of inexpensive nail salons. They still display customer's reviews so you can discover which Solihull nail salons offer the best cost-cutting services. Nail salon technician near you Searching for a reputable nail salon is incredibly easy when you use Booksy.com. The platform is streamlined, well-organised and so easy to use. You only need a click to find out which nail salons are nearest to your home in Solihull. Whether you use your PC or a mobile device, you'll be able to find top quality nails salons on Booksy.com. Booking an appointment online can be completed in a minute or two. When it's time to make your nails resemble beautiful works of art, use Booksy.com to find the best nail salons available in Soliull.