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  • Dapper barbers Kinson

    3.4 mi 219 kinson road, Dapper barbers, BH10 5HB, Bournemouth

    Skin fade and beard trim

    We’re always driven by what’s modern and is in high-demand as far as the latest lines of fashion are concerned. With the Dapper Barbers, you’re making sure you’re getting a premium skin-fade look. Aside from this, we’re also offering a trim for your beard in this package to have it all done at an affordable price & at the same time.


    Our barbers apply a meticulous process of gradual tapering to have you wear a skin-fade that suits your measurements just right.

    Kids skinfade

    Who said kids can’t have the skin-fade look? Our clients are usually very pleased with the results when their children have their skin-fade done at our barbershop. It’s both adorable and chic!
  • Jasmine goddard lashes and training

    2.9 mi Magna Road, 5 becket crescent, Bournemouth

    Classic lashes - Full set


    Classic lashes - Infills


    Hybrid lashes - Full set

  • Dapper barbers Poole

    5.7 mi 10 The parade, Waterloo, BH17 7EZ, Poole

    Men’s Skinfade


    Men’s haircut


    Child skinfade

  • Eyeconic Beauty

    5.9 mi 7 Westover Road, Collective, BH1 2BY, Bournemouth

    Lip Filler _ lip augmentation

    Save up to 20%
    £170.00 £136.00

    Russian lips 1.1 ml

    Book now to received 20 %off ( £160 )
    Save up to 20%
    £200.00 £160.00

    Nasolabial Folds 1ml

    Book not to received 20% off (£128) The nasolabial folds, commonly known as "smile lines "or "laugh lines". They are the two skin folds that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth The nasolabial lines treatment is a very quick and straightforward procedure. Filler injections involve the precise, controlled administration of hyaluronic acid solution into the affected area. Restoring loss of volume and softening deep creases, your prescribed quantity of filler gel will ease the unwanted appearance of smile lines. The result is a fresher and younger look.
    Save up to 20%
    £160.00 £128.00
  • Lily & Fred Hair & Beauty

    5.8 mi Christchurch Road, 1149, BH7 6BW, Bournemouth

    Consultation (Free)

    Got something to ask the experts at Lily and Fred? For no cost at all, book a consultation to get suggestions, advice, or voice any concerns you may have before you pick any of our services.

    Cut and Blowdry

    Hair and beauty starts with a delicate cut & thorough blowdry to get you aesthetically ready for your occasion.

    Blow Dry Mid

    A blowdry service dedicated for mid length hair.
  • Mobile service


    5.9 mi 5 Westover Road, BH1 2BY, Bournemouth




    1h 10min

    Dog walking

  • Sports & Therapeutic massage by Karol

    5.7 mi 26 Avenue Road, BH2 5SL, Bournemouth

    Sports Massage & Therapy

    I can tailor your treatment based on the activities you participate in, focusing on those muscle groups that will face the most exertion. You will feel stimulated, energised and relaxed. Price may include: - sports massage - cupping therapy - deep tissue massage - medical acupuncture - active stretching techniques You may believe that massage is primarily for helping athletes heal sports injuries, it provides a much larger set of benefits for all types of active people. You can even avoid injuries and improve your performance through massage. This will keep you doing what you love.

    Therapeutic massage

    Slow, focused and deeply grounding, my touch invites you to come into conscious awareness of subconscious holding patterns and deep tensions within your body, while I gently and safely support you to release that which might not be serving your fullest potential. This massage will restore balance in your body! Therapeutic massage is holistic full body massage therapy. I use a variety of massage techniques to release tension, stretch muscles, relieve stress and promote relaxation. During your treatment I will focus on any problem areas as well as trying to cover as much of the body as possible. Therapeutic Massage provides symptom relief or help with: - Certain health conditions - Chronic pain and discomfort - Restricted range of motion or mobility - Restore balance in your body

    Traditional Lomi-Lomi massage

    Lomi-lomi is not just a massage, it is ritual and I wish to provide respect to its tradition in this way. For those who are interested in receiving the practice of lomi-lomi. To be able to keep this offering as sacred and honouring it’s traditional approach, this will not be done at the gym (where I rent the treatment room) I have created a welcoming, calm and safe setting to hold the space I consider is needed for this massage offering, in my home. I feel more drawn to providing the holistic approach of massage. This powerful practice taps into deeper connection and healing. I hope to be a vessel to hold this experience for you. Lomi for the body Lomi Lomi is deeply nourishing for the body. It gives the receiver a tangible experience of what it feels like to be loved and cherished in a non-judgemental way. It leads you to accept the body that you have, to enjoy being in your body, and to experience what it feels like to be held. The experience of being loved and massaged with true compassion can be profoundly healing and creates a feeling of safety and welcome, a coming home if you like, to your own self. Lomi for the mind Both the receiving and giving of a Lomi Lomi ritual is a deeply meditative practice. Lomi is a way of touching the mind through the experience of the body. The long flowing moves and the slow pace of the Lomi Lomi massage inevitably slow down our thinking mind and open up the possibility of a new state of awareness. The deep peace and rest for the body and calming of the nervous system create the space for the mind at last to rest. Lomi for the soul What makes Lomi different from other massages is that it cares and respects equally the body, mind and soul. A truly holistic experience, a soul once touched by Lomi never returns to its original state. It is deeply affirmative, restorative and transformative. Receiving Lomi enables us to tune into other aspects of ourselves that are often lost in the fast pace of everyday life. Our intuition can be rekindled, our inspiration can return and we are connected to the essence of what it means to be alive, the spark of life that we were born with that we may struggle to stay in touch with. Lomi is a beautiful means to be reborn into our true nature of loving presence.