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  • The Body Clinic Liverpool

    3.9 mi 382 Aigburth Road, L19 3QD, Liverpool

    Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

    We provide expert assessment and specialist treatment for a variety of pelvic & women’s health conditions. If you suffer from any of the following: - Pelvic floor weakness - Overactive Pelvic Floor Muscles - Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (tummy gap) - Bladder problems such as leaking urine and/or urgency - Bowel problems such as faecal incontinence, difficulty emptying -bowels/constipation - Chronic Pelvic Pain conditions - Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) - Coccyx pain - Dyspareunia/Vaginismus (painful intercourse) - Vulvodynia - Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Recovery from breast surgery - Recovery from abdominal or pelvic surgery Your first appointment will include an assessment of your problem by a female physiotherapist. This takes place in a private treatment room with a closed door where women feel more at ease when talking about a personal problem. You will be asked in detail about your problem and how it affects your everyday life and also about your medical history. Following a comprehensive assessment you will be offered a vaginal examination if this is indicated. As pelvic floor exercises are an essential part of the treatment for pelvic floor problems, it is important for both you and your physiotherapist to know that you are exercising the muscles in the correct way. We can find this out by performing a vaginal examination. We need your permission (or “consent”) before we can do this examination. Should you require further information prior to this appointment please contact Faye or Maria via email: We are more than happy to discuss things further.

    Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy


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