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Hair Salons in Liverpool

Both the city centre of Liverpool and the wider Merseyside region are blessed with plenty of different hairdressing studios to choose from. Anyone who is looking for a hair salon in Liverpool can turn to Booksy to find one that offers the right sort of styling services and to make an appointment within moments. Book a hair salon appointment online in Liverpool Whether you want to have your highlights touched up, a full restyle or just a bit of a trim for an important occasion, a trip to their hairdressing salon will make all the difference. Finding an appointment at a time that suits you can be tricky, however. That's why Booksy is so helpful because it makes tracking down hair dressing salons in Liverpool a breeze. It can be used by Liverpudlians as well as visitors to the city to locate hairdressers nearby in Liverpool. Once you have found a hair salon that suits your sense of style, budget and preferred appointment time, you can book it straight away. This works whether you are using our app or visiting the Booksy website to make your bookings. Not sure what a hair salon does? Like hairdressers and barbers shops, hair salons are primarily associated with cutting hair. However, the majority of hair salons in big cities like Liverpool do so much more. They wash hair, style it and advise their clients on the best way to manage hair in between cuts. Most will offer specialist hair products, too, and provide other hair-related services, like dyeing it or adding tints and highlights. Some will also offer waxing and shaving services but these things are not on offer at all salons. How can you choose the best hair salon in Liverpool? Every hair salon in Liverpool listed by Booksy will have been rated. As such, Booksy works not just for finding convenient appointment times at hair salons near you but to work out which hairdressers are best. The ratings are calculated from the average of scores left by other Booksy users who provide reviews. Select any hair salon and take a look at the reviews that have been left to gain further insights into what others think of their services. How much does a hair salon cost? A 30-minute wash and cut is about as cheap as it gets in Liverpool. This could set you back as little as £17 to £18 in some salons. However, the prices will go up if you are looking for some further hair styling services. For example, a full head highlight package could cost £80 to £100 depending on the salon. That said, this sort of service takes much longer and you could be being styled for anything up to 90 minutes, so the pricing averages out. Other services that some hair salons offer, like lip waxing, could cost in the region of £5 to £10. How to find a hair salon open now Most hair salons in Liverpool are closed in the evening and on Sundays. However, this is by no means universal, so if you want to find hair salons near you that are currently open for business, then you can do so with Booksy. Just enter the current time and today's date into the 'When?' search field and all the hairdressers nearby in Liverpool that are open for an appointment straight away will be listed for you. Cheap hair salons in Liverpool When you see the list of search results for hairdressers in Liverpool on your screen, you will notice that some sample pricing for each salon is shown. This is not a complete price list – you will have to choose an individual salon by tapping or clicking on it to see that. However, it will give you a fair indication of which salons are the cheapest and which ones are more expensive at a glance. Hair salons near to you If you hit the 'search near me' button, then Booksy will locate any hair salons near you right now. This is handy if you are moving about or want to walk into the very closest salon to your current location, for example. You'll need to have your device's location data turned on for this to work. As an alternative, use the map view offered by Booksy to find hair salons wherever you happen to be.