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As a vibrant city with lots going on all the time, Liverpool has plenty of day spas around to keep you feeling pampered. Whether you are heading to the city on a day trip and would like to book a treatment before heading home or are a resident of the area, Booksy makes tracking down a suitable day spa in Liverpool simple. Book a day spa appointment online in Liverpool Whether you are using Booksy online through a web browser or are making use of the Booksy app, you can find day spa places nearby in Liverpool with ease. Just enter 'Liverpool' or a Liverpudlian postcode and select 'day spas'. Next, Booksy will produce a set of appropriate search results, all with day spa places in the vicinity. You can then search for particular treatments or service providers and hit 'Book' to confirm when you'd like to make your appointment. What could be simpler when looking for a day spa in Liverpool? Not sure what a day spa offers? If you don't know what the difference is between a beauty salon and a day spa, then the most obvious distinguishing feature is that the latter do a wider range of treatments. These will include relaxation therapies and alternative therapies as well as beauty treatments like skin exfoliation, for example. Expect the sort of treatments you'd find at a residential spa but without the need to stay overnight once your treatment(s) have been completed. Typical day spa treatments include massages, ear candling and pedicures, among others. How to choose the best day spa in Liverpool Booksy doesn't just list day spa places nearby in Liverpool when you do a search. It will also offer you a rating for every day spa in the city you see listed. These are not our ratings but ones that are based on the genuine reviews and testimonials of other Booksy users like yourself. This way, you will be able to tell how well, or otherwise, a particular day spa is regarded by other clients. What's more, Booksy makes it even easier to judge these ratings by letting you know how many reviews the rating has been scored from, just a couple or hundreds. Overall, the idea is to help you make the best-informed decision you can about which day spa to choose in Liverpool. How much does a day spa cost? When you see your search results come up in Booksy's app or online, you will notice that each day spa in the city has a few example treatments priced for you to make an immediate comparison. If you want to see a day spa's full price list, then simply select it and use the filters to view the sort of treatments you are most interested in. You will also be able to see if there are any promotional offers available for certain treatments this way. Typically, a full face makeup treatment in Liverpool will cost between £22 and £30. A reflexology session will set you back in the region of £35 while a Swedish massage costs about £25 to £30 for a half-hour session. How can you find a day spa open now? All of the day spas in the city you see listed will have their usual business opening hours available to view. Just select one to see whether it is open on a Sunday or into the evening, for example. The other option is to enter today's date and the current time into the Booksy search bar. This way, you will be able to view all of the day spa places nearby currently on offer in the city. Cheap day spas in Liverpool Booksy makes it easy to compare pricing for the same sorts of services and day spa treatments in Liverpool. All of the prices are listed for you to work out which are the cheapest. Remember that the length of a treatment is also shown so you can easily see which day spas offer the best value for money in Liverpool. Day spas near you To find day spas near to your current location, Booksy provides a 'search near me' button. So long as your device's locational data is being shared, you can tap on it and Booksy will find day spa places nearby in Liverpool for you. There is also a map feature that Booksy users can utilise to see how far or near day spas are from their current location in the city.