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Newtownards, Northern Ireland

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  • Pout bodypiercing and beauty studio

    9.5 mi Nelson Street, BT15 1BH, Belfast

    Make up training




    Tattoo training an introduction to tattooing

  • ats us nai

    15.4 mi Antrim Street, 52, BT28 1AU, Lisburn

    Gents Appointment


    Kids appointment (under 16)


    Kids appointments (under 10)

  • Kaz Beauty

    11.0 mi 6 Henly Road, BT38 8UG, Carrickfergus

    Teeth Whitening

    Your teeth whitening appointment You will be given a step-by-step guide at the beginning of your teeth whitening appointment and asked to follow the simple instructions. A shade guide is used to let you check the shade of your teeth before and after the appointment. You will gently cleanse and scrub your teeth. At this stage, any recent surface stains are removed and the enamel is given a gentle exfoliation A textured accelerator wipe is coated with an activation spray and you will give your teeth a brush. As well as giving the teeth a deep cleanse, this will build up a lather and foam which helps draw the gel into the pores of your enamel. A sterile mouth guard is then removed from a sealed foil packet and non-peroxide gel is applied. You then place the mouth guard into your mouth and put on a pair of protective goggles. Sit back, relax and let the teeth whitening gel and laser light get to work! The laser light creates an oxidation reaction which will remove stains and tooth discolouration from the inside out. A full teeth whitening appointment consists of 3 back to back 15 minute sessions and most customers see an 8 – 12 shade improvement. We also offer a full range of aftercare products to maximise the results of your appointment and maintain the whiteness.

    Eyebrow Lamination & Tint

    1h 15min

    Lash Lift & Tint

    1h 25min

    7.6 mi 145 Holywood Road, BT4 1PQ, Belfast

    Top up permanent make up eyebrows




    Microneedle Mesoteraphy

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