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Glasgow has plenty to offer people who want to feel pampered or to enjoy a beauty treatment in a set of luxurious and elegant surroundings. In other words, if you are looking for a day spa in Glasgow, then you will not be disappointed, especially if you also take advantage of Booksy to see all of the latest appointment information. Book a day spa appointment online in Glasgow The idea behind Booksy is to make it convenient to view spa places nearby in Glasgow before confirming your appointment with your chosen day spa. Just enter your location and preferred time into our website or app and let Booksy take care of the rest. You'll soon see a list of highly rated day spas in Glasgow which you can investigate further or simply book an appoint for your chosen therapy without any further delay! Just hit the 'book' button to proceed with a full body massage, a facial treatment or a classic manicure depending on your preference. You can even book multiple treatments to run concurrently if you want. Not sure what a day spa does? A day spa takes appointments for individual treatments. Many will allow you to book an entire day of different treatments, perhaps starting with a neck massage before moving on to a facial, a spray tan application or a pedicure, for example. The main distinguishing feature that separates a day spa from a spa resort is that there is unlikely to be accommodation. You simply attend for the day and leave when your treatments are over. How do you choose the best day spa in Glasgow? Booksy users rate the service they have received at day spas. This means that Booksy isn't just great for booking day spa places nearby but for getting the best service, as well. All of the day spas have been given a score from user reviews. These are then averaged out to provide you with a clear idea of which ones are the best. If you select a particular day spa that you are considering booking at treatment with, then you can also see what other Booksy users have said about them. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision about which one to choose. How much does a day spa cost? Day spas are not as expensive as residential spa resorts because they tend to charge you only for the number of treatments you will book. Unfortunately, it is not possible to compare the price of one treatment with another because they differ so much. Generally speaking, however, something that will take about half an hour, such as a manicure, will set you back about £10 to £15. A more involved treatment, such as a hydrofacial, might cost well over £65. Helpfully, Booksy makes it easy to see how much you will be spending and to compare the cost of one type of service compared to others. How to find a day spa open now With Booksy, you can select any of the day spas nearby in Glasgow and check out its full range of treatments and services. In addition, you will be able to see the day spa's opening hours to check whether it is open at the moment. The other thing it is possible to do with Booksy is to enter the preferred date and time of any treatment. Just input today's date and the current time and any day spas that are open for business at the moment will appear. Cheap day spas in Glasgow Want to find the cheapest day spas in Glasgow? If so, Booksy will help you to get the best value for money possible. Simply check out the prices of the treatments that are offered as they appear in your search results. If you like the look of a price, then select the day spa in question to see whether there are any offers which may mean you can get even better pricing. Day spas near me Use the 'search near me' button on the location field input to see which day spa places nearby in Glasgow you can get to quickest. Alternatively, you could try searching with Booksy's map view. This will allow you to zoom in and out across the city until your find a day spa in Glasgow that is close to where you are or where you plan to be.