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As the largest and most populated city in Scotland, Glasgow has a lot to offer its residents. Notable as the winner of the European Capital of Culture in 1990, it has a unique charm that is quite unlike any city. With beautiful architecture, a strong Scottish culture, a buzzing art scene, famous sports clubs and excellent transport connections it is no wonder the Glasweigians are so proud of their home. Of course for those looking to get their brows and lashes done in Glasgow, there are uncountable options of places to choose from to suit all budgets. Book eyebrows & lashes appointment online in Glasgow Through Booksy it is easy to search and browse available eyebrows & lashes places near you. A simple search will generate a long list of salons to choose from and from there it is easy to make a decision and book your next appointment either on the phone or online through Booksy. If you are on the go, we recommend you try the Booksy mobile app to browse and book from your mobile or tablet. Not sure what an eyebrows & lashes specialist does? There are a wide selection of eyebrow and lashes treatments available. For eye lashes, one of the most popular treatments is an eyebrow lift, a quick treatment that gives your lashes more definition and an instant life or curl. Unlike some of the other treatments this one does not require the use of any chemicals, which makes it an attractive option. A more chemical approach is the eyelash tint, that uses chemicals to create a look akin to mascara but longer lasting. Another classic is the eyelash extension which can come in all shapes, sizes and designs depending on your preferences and the salon’s approach. For the brows the most common treatments are a threading or a waxing that will give your eyebrows a better shape and a fuller look. Alternatively, you could opt for a microblading which is a much longer lasting treatment that creates enhanced eyebrow definition through inserting pigment into the uppermost layers for the skin surrounding your eyebrow. How to choose the best Eyebrows & lashes in Glasgow? To get a list of the best reviewed salons for eyebrows and lashes in Glasgow, you can use Booksy’s sort by feature that can be found on the top-left of the search results page. There, you can select ‘Top Reviewed’ which will give you the best choices as rated by other Booksy users through our 5-star rating system. Clicking on any of the results below will take you to the salon profile where you can read the full customer reviews to get detailed information on what other visitors thought. How much does an eyebrows & lashes treatment cost? For those looking for eyebrows & lashes nearby in Glasgow, you can find a wide range of prices for standard eyebrow and lashes treatments. For a lash extension you can expect to pay around £25 to £35 and there are some great deals on combination treatments. For a lash lift and eyebrow wax you will usually spend around £30 or £40 and for a complete eyebrow and eyelash treatment you will usually be charged around £60. How to find eyebrows & lashes places open now? To find eyebrows & lashes places near you for an appointment today, first select today’s date in the ‘When?’ search box at the top of the page. From there you will be able to browse through the list of salons open today and then click through to the profile of any of them you like the look of to see what times they are open. You can find this information to the right side of the profile. Cheap Eyebrows & lashes specialist in Glasgow Using Booksy, you can generate a list of the brows and lashes in Glasgow near you which includes a snapshot of the prices of their most common treatments. Then, for more info and a full prices list, you can click onto a salons profile and readup on every treatment they have to offer. Eyebrows & lashes specialist near me/you If you are interested only in the eyebrows & lashes places near you, Booksy has a handy feature to help. When on the search results list, look to the top-right and you will see the ‘Map View’. Toggling to this view will show you a map of your chosen location with all the available salons offering your treatment so you can see their precise location. Simply click on any of the ones closest to you to reveal more details about their services and book your appointment.