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Are you new to Glasgow or maybe you’re just not the biggest fan of your current barber shop? Maybe you’ve let your hair start a life of its own, or maybe you’re unhappy with the way your beard is growing? Here at Booksy, we can help you out with that! Visit Booksy to find the best barber in Glasgow! Can I book a barber appointment online in Glasgow? Maybe you’ve heard of Booksy already before, but if not, here’s some information about us! Booksy is an amazing platform that allows you to book online appointments for various beauty services, including barber services, even from a mobile barber. You can book that appointment in one of two ways. First, you can visit our Booksy website. The second way is to download our Booksy app, entirely for free! It’s available for both Android and iOS operated mobile devices, so we’ve got you covered in that aspect as well. Once you’ve got Booksy in front of your eyes, all you have to do is type in your location and what service you are looking for. Click (or tap of course) that search button and there you go! A list of places offering the service you’re looking for will appear. From there on all you will have to do is choose the one you like best and book an appointment! What services or treatments can I get at a barber? The main difference between a barber shop and a classic hair salon is that the first caters specifically to men. However, as in the case of hair salons, no two are the same. Whether you’re looking just for a quick haircut, or you want to sit down and unwind during a calming spa-like experience, here on Booksy, you’ll find whatever you need. Here is a breakdown of the most common barber services.  Haircut Sure, a haircut, it does sound obvious. But! There are haircuts and haircuts. Barbers offer not just a classic haircut, but also cuts such as skin fades. Skin fades are the type of haircut where the sides and back are shorter, and the top of the hair is longer. By now you’ve probably noticed that this type of cut is one of the most popular ones out there. Add to that a nice shampooing and you’re good to go! Beard grooming Many believe that a barber focuses only on beard services. While this is not the case, if you have to choose between a regular hair salon and a barber shop for a beard trimming, you might be more happy with what a barber shop has to offer. Babers do indeed specialize in various types of services that revolve around facial hair. Many places also offer an entire experience along with it. Add-ons such as washing, a hot towel on your face, and nice conditioning may help you relax and get rid of any stress. Finally, a barber can offer you great advice on how to further take care of your beard or moustache, and help choose the right product for at home use. So how can I choose the best barber in Glasgow? Ok, so let’s go back to the search process in Booksy. After you’ve typed in your location and desired service, you get a list of results. Now, here is where it gets interesting! At the top of the list you’ll see a “Sort by” feature. There you can choose if you want your barber shops listed according to “Recommended by Booksy” or by “Top Reviewed.” Thanks to our awesome clients, you can see ratings and read reviews. Oftentimes the clients will even leave pictures of the work they got done.  How can I find barber shops open now? Once you’ve filled in the search engine with information about your location and the service you want, you’ll be able to pick dates that interest you. So let’s say you want to book a beard trimming appointment for the 25th. Once you choose that date you’ll be able to choose what timeslot (in the morning, afternoon or evening) best suits you. Additionally, once you’ve chosen a specific barber shop you can look at their profile on the right side and see their business hours.  How can I find a barber shop near me? Thanks to a great feature here on Booksy, you can easily find a barber shop near you. When you see the list of barbers you can choose the so-called “Map View.” That feature will show you all the listed places on a map, allowing you to choose the one that has the best location for you