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Idle VR
Tampa, FL, 33606
6 reviews

Idle VR

Tampa, FL, 33606
Venue Health and Safety Rules


    • Couple's VR Massage (1 hr + complimentary bubbly)

      Enjoy a private hour-long VR massage with your significant other with complimentary bubbles.
    • Virtual Reality Massage (Up to 2 people)

      Enjoy a private hour-long VR massage for up to 2 people.
    • VR Massage for Events ($99/hr)

      Have the Zen Den over to your corporate or personal event to provide a unique, relaxing experience for your em...ployees or guests. The rate is $99/hour and there is a 2-hour minimum. If you would like to schedule the Zen Den for more than 8 hours, please contact Greg@idlevr.com or 813-743-0001 for booking.
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Steven E…

Sep 23, 2020
I was really impressed with the overall concept - great massage and a Virtual Reality experience that transports you to another place. This is a must try and a one-of-a-kind activity. I highly recommend!...

tony b…

Sep 23, 2020
Awesome experience! This is a true relaxation station on wheels! I was skeptical at first and not sure what to expect. WOW!!! I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated after my session. You can pick different settings to customize your experience. You pick... your Vr settings to whatever your feeling at the moment. You could do this multiple times and have a different setting each time. If you are stiff the stretching mode was amazing. It felt like I was melting in the chair. True 5 star experience. I’m going to book the Zen Den for my sales team. This is going to be my reward system for my top performers and to show appreciation. Also, Greg and his team will bring this Zen Den to you.He also said that couples like to enjoy sessions together. Imagine a babysitter for the kids a bottle a wine and some much needed one in one time with your loved one. This could be the Ace in your hand for a special occasions. I know my wife carry’s the weight in my house hold. This might be just the surprise to show her how much her family appreciates everything she does. Thanks Greg and I WILL BE SEEING YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN! Thanks for sharing your great idea with us in Tampa Bay!

Terry F…

Sep 23, 2020
I requested swimming with sharks and flying since I am to ill to finish my bucket list. It was the greatest birthday ever! Greg went out of his way to make this special for me. Idle VR will be a regular part of our lives and all our friends who visit..., will have the Florida they couldn't imagine! And I would like to share this wonderful card he sent us

Alex P…

Sep 12, 2020
I loved this experience!!! The chair is the best massage chair I've ever been in. I completely forgot where I was and got lost in the VR Spa experience of it all. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to decompress or somehow unwind from the day...-to-day grind. Looking forward to my next visit. Thanks!

Frances M…

Sep 11, 2020
I highly recommend Idle - it is a super convenient way to incorporate wellness into your life. Even 15 minutes can totally help you relax and focus. The chair massage is so good - my favorite part is the leg compression....

Kristie G…

Sep 9, 2020
This was an incredible experience from start to finish!! I wasn't sure what to expect from a "VR Massage", but the massage chair blew me away. I had no idea a chair could massage you like that! The VR was really cool and that combined with the nature... sounds really made it easy to totally disconnect. My mind races all the time and I've had human massages before where I am still thinking about my to-do list, but this service made it impossible to think about, well, anything! The Zen Den is cute & cozy inside, immaculately clean and the lighting was great too. I appreciated that there was an air purifier running and really enjoyed the aromatherapy as well. I felt very safe with the cleaning procedures and Greg is a total professional and was an excellent host from beginning to end. I can't wait to book again!!