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Braids By Jeweltyra
175th St, 4003, Country Club Hills, 60478
2 reviews
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Braids By Jeweltyra

175th St, 4003, Country Club Hills, 60478


    • Braids

    • Sew in

    • Frontal

    • Dreads (style)

    • Feed in braid

    • Box braids


  • Dreads

    • Dreads (retwist)


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Dreads (style)
by Jewel Smith
First i thought I was in a crack house how the shop looks inside I wouldn't bring my dog to get shaved there. Then I have a appointment at 6 she has ...2 people ahead of me tjen lies and says she doesn't see my appointment but doesn't have enougj sense to hide the phone so I cant see my name on the appointment app on her phone I already know how Booksy works because I have it for myself being a barber for 20 + years , Liar... so i let it go smh and show my appointment confirmation on my phone then says she can get me in 2 hours? Seeing her only review was 1 star I decide against better judgment to give her a chance and fail... she didn't even apologies for it maybe because she new she was lying. Totally unprofessional handling the entire situation . She might be amazing doing hair but youll never find out with such horrible customer service even with a appointment app still books 2 people ahead of existing appointments? her only review was 1 star and that was my fault i usually don't strictly go off reviews but trust me this time its dead on. And now she has one more truly earned star to go with the other 1. Dont waste your time or patience... Show more
Feed in braid
by Jewel Smith
Needs to work on customer service and the braids were a lot thicker than what I asked for.
Replied: Aug 13, 2021
Braids By Jeweltyra
Thank you for your comment I braided your hair according the thickness of your hair and the amount of hair you provided I apologize for the misunderstanding