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Before hitting the town of Charlotte, it may be wise for you to maintain your hairstyle or decide on a new look. Due to the size and diversity of the city, you'll be able to find quality and affordable barbers near you; even better, you can book appointments online with a simple solution. Book Barbershop Appointments online in Charlotte Luckily you can use Booksy to make the scheduling process easier; if you haven't decided on a barber yet, that can be arranged too! With Booksy's simple process of searching for the perfect barbershop that meets your criteria, you can easily find what will suit your needs best. While you're there, you can quickly schedule an appointment without even picking up the phone. Not Sure What A Barber Does? Barbers provide a unique service that goes beyond just cutting hair. They are typically specialized in a range of styling procedures and hair care techniques that you won't receive at a typical hair salon. Other services they generally provide are relaxing and worth the experience, including shampooing, face and scalp massages, and quality hair treatments to ensure healthy roots. If you want to experience true relaxation, there are plenty of barbershops nearby that offer a hot steam towel finish, free consultations, and packages to help save money if you need several services in one visit. How to Choose The Best Barbershop in Charlotte Booksy's search engine allows for an accurate representation of the barbers in Charlotte. Due to the ability to sort barbershops nearby by reviews, you can easily see all the collective information that customers have reported so you know exactly what to expect. This feature creates a valuable and reliable top list of barbers in Charlotte. How Much Does a Barbershop Visit Cost? A simple haircut can range from roughly $20 to $35 depending on what additional duties are included, but you may also find full-service listings for almost $50. Beard trims generally range from $10 to $20, but some places offer simple trims even below $10! Depending on your needs, extra services may or may not be valuable to you, so it's important to sift through plenty of reviews to find out how much everything you need costs. How to Find Barbershops Open Now? Another awesome service thanks to Booksy allows for you to easily input the dates and times of an appointment you want, even if that's right now. The website has compiled all of the opening and closing times of barbershops nearby to make it convenient to filter out what is still open by the time you need a barber. Cheap Barbershops in Charlotte Since price is one of the most important factors when searching for barbers near you, Booksy's search feature also allows you to filter barbers by cost. In order to make this sorting process easy, the price is displayed as one of the first pieces of information about the barber to make your search simple and fast. Finding Barbershops Near You When you're ready to start your search, simply arrive at Booksy's webpage or app. To make the process go by smoother, you can turn location services on to provide the most accurate information on what shops are near you. Next, input any criteria that are necessary and select search filters that are applicable to your needs. If you're planning a visit now or ahead of time, be sure to set an appointment date to make sure the barbershop for you is open when needed. All that's left is to book your appointment, and Booksy's completed your search! Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends