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In terms of skin care, there’s perhaps no treatment more ubiquitous than the facial—and that’s particularly true of skin care in Orlando, Florida, where the sun beats down on us regularly and the humidity saps us of natural oils and moisture. When your dry skin starts to crack, your tan starts to peel, and you feel you look a bit older than you are, maybe it’s time to consider booking a facial. What Is a Facial? One of the most popular day spa treatments in Orlando, a facial is a skin care treatment that rejuvenates your skin and relaxes your spirit. While there are many types of facials, a basic facial will likely always start with a consultation with an aesthetician, who will then recommend the best products or services for your particular skin care concerns. From there, prepare for total relaxation! The five basic steps of a facial include: Cleansing: First, your aesthetician will clean your face, neck, and decollete areas to remove any makeup, sweat, or dirt that has accumulated. Then, using warm water and a facial sponge, they will dab away the cleanser, drying your face and allowing them to evaluate your natural skin to determine the best mask to use. Exfoliating: Using an exfoliating scrub cream or steam to open up your pores, your aesthetician will then remove any dead skin cells and excess oils from your body. Extractions: Acne and blackheads occur when individual pores get clogged with dead skin cells and excess oils from the body. To clear these pores, aestheticians will perform what's called "extractions," using a special metal hand tool. Massage: To improve your lymphatic drainage and generally to relax and unwind you, your aesthetician will then massage your face as well as your upper body region. Sit back and relax—you earned it! Masks: Based on their up-close evaluation of your skin and pores during the cleansing stage, your aesthetician will now apply a mask chosen to fit your specific skin care needs. Certain deep pore facials utilize clay to combat oiliness and aid in hydration. Then, they apply a serum and SPF moisturizer, so you leave with glowing skin that makes all think you've returned from a trip of basking in the sun. How Much Do Facials Cost in Orlando? There are a variety of facial packages available that include extra treatments for specific medical concerns or simply additional levels of comfort. This will naturally result in a fluctuation of prices, but in general, a basic facial will cost you around $50-100 in the Orlando, Florida area. How Do I Book a Facial in Orlando? You’re in luck—you can book the best specialists in downtown Orlando to take care of your facial needs all in one spot on Booksy! Simply scroll through the salons and day spas above or download the Booksy app to book the best on the go.