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Holistic Medicine in Orlando

Orlando is known for fun in the sun, but this amazing city is also home to some excellent holistic medical practitioners, whose only goal is to make you the best, most healthy, and happiest Orlando residents possible!

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic means whole and so holistic medicine treats your whole body and mind. Basically, this means that when you go in for an appointment, your holistic doctor will ask you questions about all sorts of things that may seem unrelated to your reason for visiting.

However, all parts of your body are connected to each other and by more than just skin and tissue!

For example, a holistic medical practitioner will not only treat your chest infection, they will also work with you to ensure that your immune system is strong enough to prevent future infections and to improve your overall mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Here are some of the ways that your Orlando holistic medicine expert may do this:

  • addressing stress, life changes, and/or psychological, spiritual, and social issues

  • prescribing vitamins and/or herbal supplements

  • adjusting diet, sleep habits and/or exercise

  • introducing massage, chiropractic, and/or acupuncture treatments

  • referring you to a support group, nutritionist, or physical therapist

What are the Benefits of Holistic Medicine?

  • faster relief from pain

  • elimination of root cause of an issue, rather than just relief of a symptom

  • improves overall health, which may prevent future disease and illness

  • higher satisfaction in quality of care

How Long Does a Holistic Medicine Appointment in Orlando Take?

Naturally, this will depend somewhat on your reason for going, but a consultation will take longer than a traditional doctor’s appointment, because holistic doctors typically spend at least double that time.

How Much Does Holistic Medicine Cost in Orlando?

The cost of your appointment will depend on your insurance provider and it is best to contact them before making appointment.

Where to Get Holistic Medicine in Orlando

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