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Changing up your hairstyle can be a lot of fun, but the aftereffects aren’t always so desirable. Frequent trips to the salon, especially for lightning treatments or perms, can certainly do some damage to your tresses over time. So in order to prevent further hair damage and restore the hair’s current condition, you may want to give Olaplex a shot. Olaplex is one of the most talked-about products within the hair industry, and if you take a look at its effects, there’s no surprise why! And luckily for you, if you’re using Booksy to schedule your appointments, you can book a visit to a salon that offers Olaplex in Atlanta with our platform! Make a quick (virtual) trip to your smartphone’s mobile application store to download the Booksy app for the ultimate online booking convenience for scheduling health, beauty, and wellness appointments near you. What is Olaplex and how does it work? There are plenty of hair repair treatments that you can take advantage of, both in-house and at home—but one that people across the entire country swear by (including salon professionals) is the Olaplex treatment system. Olaplex is a multi-step hair treatment that is comprised of distinct, separate phases which aim to not only renew damaged hair but also minimize future damage as well. Most of the treatment is done at the salon, while a portion of it is done at home. Unlike many other treatments that are designed to repair damaged hair, Olaplex is unique as it is recommended for all hair types, no matter if you’re sporting natural, colored fine, thick, damaged, or healthy hair. One of Olaplex’s biggest game-changers is that it works from the inside, out. The hair’s bonds are oftentimes broken down during hair coloring, and even with regular heat treatments, like using your straightener or curling iron. That’s where Olaplex comes in, working to repair the hair’s bonds and make it appear healthy again. An Olaplex treatment starts out with their “Bond Multiplier”, which is mixed in with your desired hair color, lightener, or chemical treatment to begin its work at the very start of your standard hair service. The next step is using the Olaplex “Bond Perfector”, which acts somewhat like a hair mask that your stylist will apply after rinsing. The rest of your hair treatment will follow as planned, and you’ll receive Olaplex’s third and final step, the “Hair Perfector” as your take-home product. This product is meant for use before shampooing and conditioning and helps you maintain strong and healthy hair.  How do I choose the best salon for an Olaplex treatment in Atlanta?  Instead of going down a list of Atlanta-based hair salons and calling each one to find out whether or not they even offer Olaplex, there’s a simpler method! By using the Booksy app or Booksy via your web browser, you’ll be able to immediately view salons that offer Olaplex treatments in Atlanta—just use our search bar to find them. Begin by completing the search fields with your personal information and after that, you’ll see your results beneath. To make the best decision for yourself, you can look into each salon by reading the reviews left by other Booksy customers. However, if you’re still stumped on which salon to choose, the “Sort by” filter will assist you by sorting your results by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. How much does Olaplex cost? The price of an Olaplex treatment will largely depend on how much hair you have as well as which salon you choose to get the treatment at. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect Olaplex to cost around fifty-five dollars and up. For exact pricing, browse your options on Booksy where prices are always transparently listed. Olaplex near me You’re just an Olaplex treatment away from soft and supple hair! Check out your options on Booksy to schedule an appointment for an Olaplex treatment near you. The first thing you’ll want to do is input information related to your search in the Booksy search bar. Just be sure to add which service you’d like to book (Olaplex), where you’re located (Atlanta, Georgia), and your preferred time and date. Once done, select your top choice and book! Otherwise, you can also use the “Map View” and “Filters and Localization” features to continue your search.