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Ombre Hair in Tampa

Aside from regular highlights, an all over bleach, or maybe just a bright natural look from the Tampa sun, there is ombre color, a subtle and distinct coloring. Stand apart from a regular highlighted hairstyle with layers of stylish coloring that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

What is Ombre Hair?

Ombre utilizes a special colorizing technique (literally meaning “shaded” in French), using the gradual blending of one hue into the other, moving tints of light to dark and vice versa. Most commonly seen in ombre hairstyles is the shading of darker roots through the mid-shaft getting lighter toward the ends. .

How Long Does Ombre Hair Take to Get Done?

The process depends on the intricacy of the style and how detailed the client wishes the style to be, but it would be best to block out around 2-3 hours for the entire process.

How Long Does Ombre Hair Last?

Depending on how hair growth and care, most ombre styles last around 6--8 weeks.

How Much Does Ombre Hair Cost in Tampa?

The cost for an ombre look can vary greatly, depending on the amount of processing the stylist wishes to do in order to achieve that perfect two-toned look. Prices generally run between $80-$200.

Where to Get Ombre Hair in Tampa

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