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If you’re an avid salon-goer, you may be familiar with a traditional service known as the “press and curl”, which was a popular method of achieving silky and luscious tresses. However, this method’s popularity peaked in the 1990s, and today, many people result to a similar service known as the silk press, which is essentially a modern upgrade of the press and curl. A silk press treatment will leave even the curliest or most unmanageable hair lustrous and smooth. So, if you’re ready for glossy and soft locks, you’ll want to book an appointment for a silk press in Tampa—and we’re giving you the perfect tool to do it. The Booksy app is an online appointment scheduling platform that saves you time on booking by allowing you to go through the entire process in a few simple clicks. Find us on your iOS or Android app store for free download! What is a silk press and how does it work? The silk press is a hairstyling technique that perfectly straightens the hair and gives it a high-gloss finish without the use of chemical relaxers. And the name speaks for itself—the term “silk press” was coined to depict two aspects of this hairstyling method. Firstly, with “silk” referring to the silky final effect of the hair, and then “press” relating to the straightening method of pressing the hair with a flat iron. But if you’re wondering what a silk press looks like from beginning to end, we’ll guide you through each step so you can know exactly what to expect during your silk press appointment. When you first arrive to the salon, your stylist will shampoo your hair to eliminate any scalp buildup and nourish your hair with a hydrating conditioner to keep your locks moisturized. Next, your hair will be blow-dried straight using a round or paddle brush, with your stylist working to get your hair as smooth as possible. Once your hair is entirely dry, your stylist will next divide your tresses into smaller sections, and using a flat iron, they’ll press and pull down on each piece all your hair has been straightened. As a final touch, they may apply a serum or gloss to add some extra smoothness and shine to your look. Though exact timing may vary, the entire treatment takes approximately two hours, depending on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair. Generally, a silk press can last even up to two to three weeks (or until your next wash day) if you properly care for it. The number one rule of maintaining a silk press in great condition is keeping your hair away from moisture—this includes water, steam, and sweat. Wrapping your hair in a silk or satin scarf as you sleep can also help the hair maintain its shape and smoothness for a longer period of time. Additionally, cut down on excessive hair product use if you want to make the most of your silk press, as using too much product on your hair can cause it to appear weighed down and less bouncy.  How do I choose the best silk press treatment in Tampa?  It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting sunny Tampa or you call this south Florida city home—let us be your guide to discovering the best options for silk press treatments near you! To begin your search for the best silk press treatment in Tampa, enter your personal information into the Booksy search engine bar. After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to browse nearby listings and read reviews to help you decide on the top pick or use the “Sort by” filter to arrange your search results by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. Silk press near me Another thing that the Booksy search engine is useful for, is in finding the closest salons to you that offer your desired treatment—in this case, the silk press. You can start by inputting your personal information into the search fields. Be sure to complete all three fields for the most accurate results including the service you’d like to book, what city you’re located in, and a preferred appointment timeframe. After you’ve done so, you can check out your nearby options or go further on your search by using the “Filters and Localization” and “Map View” search features.