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Permanent Hair Straightening Tampa

Permanent hair straightening is a great way to tame frizzy, flyaway hair in the humid Tampa heat, and can make for easier styling in the mornings, resulting in consistently shiny, smooth locks without all the time in front of the mirror spent blow drying and flat ironing. Florida’s tropical humidity, heat, and days at the pool can leave already curly, textured, flyaway hair feeling particularly unruly. Whether you are looking to permanently relax tightly curled locks, or are looking for a smoothing treatment to gently straighten and smooth wavy, puffy hair, Tampa salons offer are here to help you get the texture you want. Types of Permanent Straightening Techniques Chemical relaxers are an excellent option for people who want to fully smooth out tight, kinky, thickly textured curls permanently. This treatment, while very effective, requires the guest do regular conditioning treatments and weekly flat ironing to further smooth out the texture and maintain the health of the hair. Keratin treatments and Brazilian Blowouts are another great option for guests with finer hair textures looking to tame uneven wave and hard-to-deal-with-frizz. Upkeep & Cost of Permanent Hair Straightening in Tampa With chemical relaxer straightening techniques, the hair is permanently straightened and will maintain its sleek and straight new texture until the hair is cut off. Most guests will have a line of grow out at the root after approximately two months and will want to book a retouch appointment every 4-8 weeks for the new growth. Brazilian and Keratin hair treatments slowly rinse out from the hair and will not require a retouch. Rather, you’ll want to book follow-up services every 9-12 weeks to maintain this shiny, frizz-free look. Your stylist will go over at-home care and review products you can purchase that will protect your chemically retextured locks. Most permanent hair straightening treatments require that guests refrain from shampooing up to 48 hours after the service to maintain the integrity of the process and ensure the treatment is fully absorbed into the hair. Cost for Permanent Hair Straightening in Tampa Permanent chemical relaxers begin around $100 depending on the length and texture of the hair. Guests with thick, coarse hair using retexturing treatments to smooth their locks can expect to pay $300-500 depending on the service and hair stylist’s level of experience. Booksy has a number of talented hair stylists in Tampa who specialize in all facets permanent hair straightening. Browse our listings above and book your next hair treatment today!